Feel Like a Spa at Home using Neemli Naturals

There are a lot of beauty brands that claim to be natural when it isn’t. I am very careful in choosing the brands I use for my skincare as well as bath & body. I came across this Indian brand ‘Neemli Naturals’. Their products are handcrafted in small batches and that ensures freshness.  Their wide range of facial serums, hair oils, bathing bars and even baby care are made with sustainable ingredients. It is vegan too. I tried a couple of their products and I really loved them. Some of them I repurchased as well. They have a variety of products ranging from Baby Care to Adult Skincare and Bath. In this review, I will be featuring all the products I tried from Neemli. Some products were tested by my mom. I will make a note under the product header.

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#ChristmasGifts #Holiday2018 Gift your loved one ‘Natural Clean Skincare’ during this festive season

Skin and Senses skincare products is the brainchild of momtastic duo, Kili and Roxy. These two longtime friends and LA-based working moms have spent years in the beauty and fashion industries. Skin and Senses makes natural skincare for all women, featuring both a main line and a pregnancy-specific line. They have a variety of Read more…

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream | Review

Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favorite luxury brands and almost all of their products are truly amazing on skin. Before I start this review – Let me give you a quick introduction to my skin incase you are a new reader here. I have a combination skin. Occasionally, I get 1-2 acne that luckily fades off quick leaving red or dark brown spots. Mostly my skin is clear – thanks to wonderful skincare that I use for my everyday routine. I have pores on my skin and when I look for moisturizers or pre makeup bases – I always look for something that’d hide my pores or give my face a more refined and filtered look.  

When I initially saw this magic cream, I wasn’t sure If I’d try it. Charlotte Tilbury‘s award-winning Magic Cream was created backstage to transform models’ skin in an instant. It soon became so cult that Charlotte was compelled to ‘bottle’ her secret formula; a potent cocktail of plumping, firming and line-lessening complexes that rapidly bestows a gorgeous, runway-ready glow. This magic cream is famed for its ability to rehydrate dull, stressed, and tired skin. This nourishing moisturizer contains a new ingredient, bio-nymph peptide complex, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve elasticity. SPF 15 protects from damaging sun exposure, while vitamin E, rose hip, and camellia oils leave skin dewy and hydrated. Well, quite a lot of good claims – I decided to give it a try! 

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Best Light Weight Moisturizer ??? | Murad Nutrient-Charged Water Gel | Review

My combination skin is well behaved most of the times. There are times when my skin doesn’t love everything I introduce in my skincare. Sometimes, my skin gets clogged and lack hydration. Especially, my night skincare routine, I am not fond of applying rich creams. I like light-weight product formulations that delivers boost of hydration to my skin. Something that’s non-greasy and very soothing on skin. There comes ‘water-gel moisturizers’ .They’re watery, non-greasy, and completely absorb in just a few minutes. Recently I got introduced to this Murad Nutrient-Charged Water Gel that applies comfortably and hydrate skin to the fullest.

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Handmade Skincare, Bath and Body Treats From Pure Bubbles Soapery

Do you have a sensitive skin like me ? Are you someone who is obsessed about skincare and love reading a lot about skincare ingredients ? I discovered this brand ‘pure suds’ in 2015; if you are a regular reader of my blog, you might have read the review from ‘pure suds‘ already on blog. Now, ‘pure suds’ got rebranded to ‘Pure Bubbles Soapery’. All thanks to @bhavana_ranka , Founder of @pure_bubbles_soapery for sending me a set of skincare products that suits my skin type.

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None of these products contain any harsh chemicals like parabens, SLS, formaldehyde or phthalates which are considered to be one of the most toxic and most used ingredients in conventional cosmetic products. All of these #handmade bath and body treats are made in small batches using pure, eco friendly & bio degradable ingredients. Creation in small batches ensure the quality and freshness.


Skincare Range with 24K Gold ? Perfect for your #SkincareObsessed Friend

‘Colloidal gold’ in skincare products have become one popular ingredient  lately. Talking about Gold, Well, it’s so much more than the precious metal. Colloidal gold, is a anti-ageing ingredient with proven anti-inflammatory and skin rejuvenating properties. Colloidal gold is known for its ability to heal microdamage, making it an ideal skincare ingredient for those with sensitive, sun damaged and acne scarred skin. Since gold is in the form of nanoparticles, it can penetrate the cell membranes making it an effective ingredient against the signs of aging on a cellular level.

I love skincare products that are packaged in Gold.  I think packaging plays equal role when I select any kind of product. I was totally amazed at how perfect these looked when packed as stocking stuffers. These are a perfect gift idea to anyone who is a sucker for gold packaging like me. All thanks to wonderful team at Bio-essence for sending these fabulous 24K Bio-Gold skincare range to me.


Looking for a solution to the biggest skincare concern – Blackheads and Clogged Pores ? Murad Skincare for rescue

How many times have you stared at yourself in the mirror while putting the makeup on.  Are you somebody who got rid of blushes because you felt – ‘Blushers in general’ was emphasizing your pores making them appear larger.

Blackheads and Clogged Pores are the worst enemies of everyone. In simple words – blackhead is a sebum build-up, dead skin cells, bacteria, and dirt. This is a plug that can grow in size and expand the pore walls, making a pore appear larger.

A blackhead appears on skin like a dark spot. The spot can be tiny, barely visible (like the size of a pin) or quite large and visible. Blackheads are most common on the nose. You can also see them on the cheeks, chin, forehead etc. In today’s post – I am sharing my most loved and most favorite skincare products that help get rid of these worst enemies for that smooth and firm clear skin.

WHO understands this better than Dr. Murad himself – every skin is different, so needs different care to address and improve skin concerns. Murad Pore Reform skin care products are designed to help clear and prevent clogged pores, whiteheads and blackheads. These specially formulated products are targeted to treat clogged pores and blackheads by extracting existing clogs and thereby prevent future blackheads as well.


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Shiseido Ibuki Skincare Range | Products for late 20’s & early 30’s | Are they worth buying ??

Take your time away from that iPhone and all other gadgets. Invest a little time for your skin care. As per skin experts, by your mid-twenties, you really need to start taking care of your skin,” Though that’s a time when acne should be over. Breakouts, brown spots, and dry patches are more likely to attack your skin especially if you not pay attention to your skin health. We all live in a busy world with crazy time management. None of us eat healthy or sleep on time. Too many harsh environmental factors and sun damage too. Shiseido’s Ibuki range is specifically formulated for skins in their mid 20’s to early 30’s.

IBUKI skincare offers your skin a consistent approach, to HYDRATE dryness, PERFECT skin texture by eliminating oiliness, breakouts, roughness and visible signs of fatigue, and PREVENT against damage caused by harsh environmental factors that your skin is exposed to everyday.
Easy and simple to use, yet formulated with the latest skincare technology to raise your skins resistance on the inside, for beautiful skin on the outside.

Read more to find out if this range is perfect.

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Best Skincare Products for Urban Girl ?? MURAD Skincare

Have you ever thought what kind of damage your digital gadgets can bring to your skin. Also, city life and exposure to pollution does a lot of skin damage too. Researches show that living in cities makes you look older. The polluted urban air will make you age 10 per cent faster than anywhere else. Pollution is much more than the fumes coming out of vehicles.. While nitric oxide and hydrocarbons from burned fuel forms major component, don’t forget there’s all kind of floating debris in the air.

Air pollution is known for causing premature aging, acne, accelerating wrinkles and dark spots, and drying out the complexion. Also, let’s not forget the damage done from digital devices. I am a kind of person who is glued to laptop more than 11 hours of my day. Phone and Tab are pretty much glued to my hands as well. I recently got awareness regarding the blue light from these devices which can actually cause damage for the skin.

So, What next – How to take care of your skin from these threat ? Reducing Skin exposure to pollution is likely still the most effective method. Even working indoors doesn’t mean you’re free from exposure to pollution. That’s why it’s important to clean your skin at the end of the day, once it helps to remove all the potential irritants and pollutants that have attached to our skin throughout the day. Most importantly switch to skincare that protects your skin from these environmental aggressors including  digital devices, pollution, infrared radiation and UVA/UVB. When skin’s appearance is affected by all these environmental assault or you have signs of aging, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, or an apparent loss of firmness, retinol products help minimize those concerns. Studies have clearly shown that retinol naturally turns around how skin appears—which makes it one of the most exciting skincare ingredient. The wonderful MURAD team kindly sent me some of the skincare products. In today’s post I will be discussing in detail on how I use each of them.


made in new zealand products

Count Down to Christmas – Tier For Teens Skincare Range

TIER FOR TEENS range has been developed by NELLIE TIER which is targeted for young skin.  It’s natural, hand-blended, pH balanced. Each product is PACKED with natures GOODNESS.  Botanical extracts, herbal infusions, and essential oils blend together in a gentle, healing and non-drying range that is free from sulphates, synthetic ingredients, pre-made bases, artificial colouring and fragrances.

I am a big fan of Nellie Tier skincare products and if you are one of those regular readers of my blog, You might have already read all the reviews that I posted. If not, Have a look at them here. I got super excited when I was sent some of the products from Tier FOr Teens range. Though this range is specially for teenagers, I decided to give it a try. During my teenage days, I never had problems related to acne or any other skin related problems. It’s now when I turned 28, most of the skincare issues such as breakouts, dark circles etc started recurring… So, I thought, Why not give this a try and see how effective it is in getting rid of my acne related issues. After all, all products are completely natural, So no harm in trying!

Now, A little about my skin – I have a super sensitive skin and I sometimes get breakouts during those days of the month. If you ask about my skincare routine. I don’t have a single brand alone for my skincare. I mix and match a lot of products (day/night moisturisers along with serums and facial oils) depending on the special skin issue I have at the time I select the product which targets that specific problem. The three products I used to use daily from this Nellie Tier range is – Face Serum, Eye gel, Day/Night Creams. Tier For Teens range arrived at the right time. I received it when I had almost emptied the serum and day cream.

So, Let’s move on to the review. This range have a total of  6 products out of which I have 4 of them

made in new zealand products

Tier For Teens Skincare Range


buy oriflame royal velvet set

Oriflame Royal Velvet Skincare Set | Review

Oriflame’s Royal Velvet skincare set* is a beautiful complete skin care routine for women 40+ focused on firming the skin. The luxurious Oriflame Royal Velvet collection offers a rich and sensual formula infused with iris flower to firm, strengthen and intensely hydrate your skin. Restore the youthful appearance of your skin with Black Iris Infusion to reinforce your skin’s structure, tone, hydration and elasticity

My mother have been trailing this range for over 6 months now. Though all the photographs are taken by me. The review is completely my mother’s opinion on using this fabulous skincare range from Oriflame.

Oriflame Royal Velvet Skincare Set – INR 5454 

oriflame royal velvet set

Oriflame Royal Velvet Skin Care set – INR 5,454


Trilogy Age-Proof Nutrient Plus Firming Serum & Line Smoothing Day Cream

This wonderful package from trilogy arrived at my doorstep the other day. Thanks to trilogy PR for sending this to me.

In today’s post I am introducing two products from Trilogy Range. Trilogy Age-Proof Nutrient Plus Firming Serum and Line Smoothing Day Cream. These are reformulated and repackaged with the most innovative and efficacious Age-Proof botanical actives.

The Herb Farm – Handcrafted From Nature

In today’s post I am introducing a new skincare brand to all of you. The Herb Farm Skincare Range. The herb farm range of skincare is made in New Zealand. The products are created using active herbal extracts from ingredients that are plant derived and have undergone minimal processing. The herb farm range uses only 100% natural ingredients. These ingredients, due to their botanical nature, have a high natural activity and this resonates well within the body. All the colours used in the products are natural colours which are made by nature.

In this post, I am talking about products that are designed specifically to hydrate and restore normal (including sensitive) skin. Thanks to herb farm for sending me this wonderful bag of goodies.