An exfoliator that smell like a cake! Read to know about this magic product

Christmas is my favorite time around the year. I always look out for gift options that are very unique and rather special to give my loved ones. Well, do you all remember that fairy tale where we all dreamed of having that cottage made of cake and sweets- Do you remember Hansel and Gretel ?

I exactly thought of that cottage in my dreams when I first used this magic exfoliator. It literally smell so Christmas-y. Now, you might think how do I describe that fragrance – Uhhhmmmm.. Well, I would describe this as a sweet pastry kind of smell that lingers for a while. Gives you that fresh and festive feeling as if you walked past a candy shop.

Moving straight to reveal my new favorite and a perfect stocking filler this season!
‘ILUMA intense brightening exfoliating powder’