Count Down To Christmas – Featuring ‘Cosmedicine’ Luxury Skincare

Everyone’s skincare routine is different. A good skincare is always simple and effective. know, Cosmedicine is one of the best skincare line available in the United States. Being a beauty & skincare blogger, I get different products to review. I kind of change my skincare routine every time. There is no specific brand that I continuously use. I kind of experiment with a variety of products. After I have received the samples from Cosmedicine. I’ve been using some of their products and I am really happy about my first experiences with them. I used the exfoliator, serum and face wash.

Before I start with my review, let me warn, These products are very very expensive. I know that and I don’t want you to judge these products by just seeing the price. Cosmedicine is a luxury skincare brand and the price is clearly in par with the quality of the products. All of the products in the line are formulated in collaboration with Mark Potter and Atlantis Laboratories and clinically tested on real people (you can find the results of each test on every product description page’s).