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My top 10 Foundations! #MakeupholicWorldLoves

Finding the right foundation can be very tricky. The trial and error process to find the perfect formula which suits your skin can be arduous. A foundation can make or break your entire look .

In this post, I am discussing about my 10 favorite foundations. I have listed both drugstore and high-end foundations that worked for my oily-combination skin type. These 10 top-performing foundations deliver the flawless, perfect look that you are looking for. This is going to be a picture heavy post. grab a cup of coffee as you read it!!top foundations for combination skin (more…)

My 28th Bithday Haul! Featuring Chanel, Guerlain, Estee Lauder, YSL, Charlotte Tilbury, NARS, MAC, Zoeva, Too Faced, Gerard etc

Hi girls…Today’s post is really really special to me. After long time I am doing a haul post. Whenever I do a haul post- I get a lot of hate and negative comments, so many unlikes in my social media handles etc. So, I really had twisted thoughts on whether to post it or not. But, many of you wanted to see what all I purchased and kept continuously asking about haul post. So, I decided to do it finally. Before you start to read- Please keep in mind that none of these products are sponsored. All products are purchased with my own money. I am not showing any of the birthday gifts that I got. And again, this is not a show-off post. This is just sharing my haul with my true readers. If you are not interested and want to leave a hate comment. please close the tab and don’t read this post at all…I don’t want any negativity around.

After a lot of bad phase in my life. I really wanted to cheer myself up. Let’s not talk about the bad things. People who know me personally would know what I am talking about. All the hospital related stuffs where freaking me out and  I really wanted a sudden drift from all those. Should I say more. What more other than makeup and clothing haul makes me more happy and cheerful.

Having said all these- I am so excited to share this makeup haul with you guys. Go, grab a cup of coffee as you read this. It’s going to be picture heavy post.

The flowers in the background are from Florienne, New Zealand. Courtesy of Bare PR to send the flowers

Disclaimer – not a sponsored post. All products are purchased with my own money


My 28th B’day haul!! – sorry guys- Lorac palette is missing in this pic; I just realized now


Nars Audacious lipstick – Anna

With NARS as a brand it will always be smart, elegant and fashionable, not just the quality but the packaging itself looks luxurious. This time Nars launched its audacious range lipsticks including 40 different shades on their 20th Anniversary. Whole blogosphere went insanely crazy and kept on raving on blogs, youtubes, instagram etc. A lipstick lover in me could not able to hold back that urge and finally placed order. It is no doubt very expensive i.e. 32$ USD exl. tax but I swear it is one of the best formula I came across so far.

NARS Audacious Lipstick : GRACE

Creating a major whirl with their launch, in whooping 40 shades these audacious lipsticks from NARS boast an iconic formula, something I experienced never before, when I first applied them, like the very first stroke, clear it was that I haven’t had a better lipstick as of yet, insanely pigmented and smooth like butter, but yet not melting, need I more to say to express my utter love for these NARS audacious lipsticks. Today I am reviewing the shade Grace.


Wishing all of us makeupholics a very happy and prosperous new year! 🙂

So I am back here with a much coveted foundation the NARS SHEER GLOW and my shade is in STROMBOLI ,this is my 2nd foundation I got after the face and body, because due to some reason I had to let go of my face and body and it took me 2 months to zero down on a foundation as I loved my face and body and was searching for something similar that was light weight and didn’t look cakey and didn’t make me feel that I am wearing makeup, as it is I don’t wear foundation frequently, it’s like once or twice a month, but whenever I do, I prefer a very light one. I picked my shade online and my luck that this is oh so perfect match for me, I got mine from

NARS Dolce Vita Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

NARS blushes are known for their amazing texture, I love how sleek NARS blushes look; the matte black packaging with interior mirror, the long and thin compact… I think it’s so pretty and neat while organizing…This shade at one glace confused me a little bit.. I felt it like a berry hue… But, on application its a muted rose shade. Dolce Vita is an MLBB shade for me and this is my favorite after Ambering Rose from MAC.. Read on to know more about it…


NARS Loves Miami Palette

NARS Loves Miami Palette is a new limited edition gift set based on Miami’s top-selling shades. I love NARS products and When I received it from a friend I was super happy as it contains all the best selling shades. I so wanted to try laguna bronzer and orgasm blush since a long time. I am loving this cute little palette a lot. lets move on to review.



Nars lipstick – Schiap

By contributor: Samannita

“Money can’t buy love but it can buy lipstick” these are my favorite lines whenever I thought to buy a lipstick that is much costly than the usual one….of course it is kind of boosting up or giving excuses to myself without making me feel guilty that I brought a lipstick which is cost more than 1k 😛

Nars stands just second position after Mac when it comes about lipstick but although a Nars lipstick is much costlier than Mac but I the “back 2 Mac’ concept makes me push to buy mac only…well, that’s another story let’s concentrate or move on to today’s post….

Nars  schiap was on my wish list from the very first day I saw the swatches online on some foreign blog but as Nars is not available in India so I have to wait pretty long time to get it until I saw the offer on where it was priced approx. 1780 INR [ $ 27]…and after seeing it that I would get in some discount of 3% on the total as per loyalty program on that site I ordered it without second thought and it reached me just a week before.

Nars lipstick – Schiap 

Let’s see what the brand “Nars “ have to say about these semi-matte lipsticks