L’occitane Rose 4 Reines Solid Perfume

Hi makeupholics….I am sorry sorry sorry…

I couldn’t review any products in my blog here as I was down with fever…:( 

Now, I have a lot of products with reviews in my drafts folder waiting for chance, But Believe me, I was so tired, Not even in a good condition that I could take some photographs…infact the loveliest ones….So , I am finally feeling better and I hope I would be able to review a lot of products 🙂

So Let us start the review…

I am going to review a solid perfume, Rose 4 Reines Solid Perfume from L’occitane.

I am not a sucker for perfumes, But, this lil one caught my attention the moment I saw it:) 

Such a sweet sweet cute thing that no lovely girl can leave it behind…

I bought so many products from L’occitane during my last haul 🙂

Body Shop was the only brand I used regularly when it comes to Shower gels, moisturisers, scrubs and all, but, now I have slowly moved to L’occitane stuffs(body shop stuffs still there) ehhehe::D who doesn’t love a change???

I will put what all things I got from L’occitane in a separate post…Now, lets move onto review….

I have never heard the concept of solid perfume, Recently In IMBB, I have read a review abt them and was longing to try it since then….So I never had a second thought when buying this one…

What L’occitane claim about Rose 4 Reines Solid Perfume

All the delicacy of the Rose 4 Reines Eau de Toilette is captured in an alcohol-free solid perfume, for fragrant touch-ups throughout the day.

Packaging and Price

comes in a teeny tiny round tub 

Qty:10 g

Price:7.50 GBP

Directions to use

Apply on pulse points (neck, wrists, chest and behind the ears)

My views about Rose 4 Reines Solid Perfume

The First thing I noticed about this is its adorable vintage packaging! luv it….

It has a mild fragrance I totally adore. who won’t like the smell of roses, Yes, U read it right… Red Red Rose… The staying power of this is not that great, But as the tiny tin is easy to carry around, I would use it for touchups throughout the day….Or may be for that friday special evening(my favourite day of the week) or a night time dinner… for your man to feel the smell of your hands while kissing hehehe 😀 😀

I use it with other Rose products from L’occitane and I really like it…

This product will last for a long time….I bought it weeks ago and still its full…hehhe:) 🙂

I would totally repurchase it ,It is a great gift for your loved one….:)

Have you tried  Rose 4 Reines Solid Perfume from L’occitane

If yes, Do you like it…..

I love it….

Do you love it or leave it???

Hey dearies…Your comments mean a lot to me…please leave a comment and share your love….

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