TS Cosmetics 24k Gold Leaf Elixir and Silver Leaf Elixirs | Are they worth the hype ?

Open instagram or any e-commerce site or maybe a department physical store – You see shelves full of skin care products ‘hyped’ with exotic ingredients like charcoal and dead sea minerals and diamond/pearl. And recently, I started to notice a new trend – gold/silver infused skincare – From facial mists to creams to masks – Everything has gold infused to it. Now, another trending product that is ruling the market is facial oils. Facial Oils infused with medicinal herbs to gold/ silver is the biggest trend right now. What got me really excited about these facial oils are -They double up as a moisturiser, primer or help with blending the foundation etc.

In today’s post – I am sharing my thoughts on two of facial elixirs from TS Cosmetics.

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TS Cosmetics 24k Gold & SilverLeaf Elixirs