Unboxing Memebox # 62 : Tea Tree Cosmetics

I know I might be the last person in this planet to unbox this. Better late than never. Thanks to Indian postal department for delivering it so late and also I have been stuck up with some personal priorities and wasn’t really getting time to review this. Now, As all of you know Memebox have stopped shipping to India. So, this along with some of the unboxing posts (yet to be published) are really dear to me. This was not a random buy. Tea Tree ingredients are famous for their topical antiseptic and anti-fungal properties and is specially for treating blemish prone / sensitive/acne prone skin which is exactly mine.  It also reduces the oil and sebum secretion on skin for the look of healthy and radiant skin . So, Ever since I read about this – I had to order this. I am so glad I did.