Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream | Review

Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favorite luxury brands and almost all of their products are truly amazing on skin. Before I start this review – Let me give you a quick introduction to my skin incase you are a new reader here. I have a combination skin. Occasionally, I get 1-2 acne that luckily fades off quick leaving red or dark brown spots. Mostly my skin is clear – thanks to wonderful skincare that I use for my everyday routine. I have pores on my skin and when I look for moisturizers or pre makeup bases – I always look for something that’d hide my pores or give my face a more refined and filtered look.  

When I initially saw this magic cream, I wasn’t sure If I’d try it. Charlotte Tilbury‘s award-winning Magic Cream was created backstage to transform models’ skin in an instant. It soon became so cult that Charlotte was compelled to ‘bottle’ her secret formula; a potent cocktail of plumping, firming and line-lessening complexes that rapidly bestows a gorgeous, runway-ready glow. This magic cream is famed for its ability to rehydrate dull, stressed, and tired skin. This nourishing moisturizer contains a new ingredient, bio-nymph peptide complex, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve elasticity. SPF 15 protects from damaging sun exposure, while vitamin E, rose hip, and camellia oils leave skin dewy and hydrated. Well, quite a lot of good claims – I decided to give it a try! 

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