Hi dearies… today I thought of reviewing the eye liner set which I have…
Its Ruby Hammer Eyeliner pencil collection
This can be bought from Debenhams for 7 GBP. The set contains 10 Eyeliner pencil which is very pigmented….
Note: Click on the image to see it enlarged

zoom in to see full list of ingredients…

What Ruby Hammer claim about Eyeliner Pencil Collection
This eyeliner pencil collection from Ruby Hammer Recommends features ten metallic eye pencils in a variety of metallic shades including bronze, purple, black, grey, green and blue.

Packaging and Price
Comes in a box packaging and contains 10 eye liner pencils……….
Comes with a price tag of 7 GBP …Shell life is 6 months 

let me share the swatches with you all

My views about the Eyeliner pencils……..

I really love eyeliners and these are really very good in pigmentation….The pencil is slim and is soft on eye…It glides on very smoothly…and one or two swipe can itself make the eye really pop…I didn’t notice any fading problem even after hours of application… also..it didn’t irritate my sensitive eyes….hehehe:D which is an advantage for me…
One thing that I noticed is that Some liner pencil in the collection were too hard for me to sharpen as the crayon  was breaking each time I try to sharpen….But 😀 it may be because I used a bad sharpner….
I must say this is a must have…For 7 GBP you will get 10 eye liners which is quite good I guess….My favourite shade in the package is last 5 which I have shown in the swatch…They are amazing…I love it..love it….I look forward to purchase more from Ruby Hammers collection….
If you want to see other products from Ruby Hammer, Just click here


  • very pigmented
  • glides on smoothly
  • doesn’t irritate my eyes
  • full list of ingredients mentioned
  • shell life of 6 months
  • great value for money
  • wearable shades
  • doesn’t crease
  • good packaging
  • contains parabens
  • availability might be a problem..It can be purcahsed only online I guess….I have seen these products in amazon.co.uk  too

Will I repurchase
yeah..I will

Do you guys love eyeliners…..Which is your favourite brand????

Bye lovelies….Enjoy Weekend..This weekend is not so good for me… 
Fever caught me again…and I am quite depressed with it… hehehe…even on bed rest I am blogging…. huv is tht….:D


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