Hi makeupholics!!!
Hope you all are doing great…
Many of you were asking me on how I store my makeup collection….
So, This post is going to be that…
I don’t own a very huge makeup collection, I have so many eye shadow palettes and very few other items too…I am a big fan of eye shadows, The one common thing I purchase is eye shadows….
Also I have a bunch of foundations to use for every occasion, whether you need
a high coverage, medium or natural, I have each to match any requirement, I have a bunch of lipstick and lipglosses, not high end ones, a drug store ones…
I am a great fan of eye liners too, I have every color in my collection, 
Enjoy!! Don”t forget to tell me whether you liked my storage idea…
I will do a different post on each collection I have 🙂
As of now, I have just taken snaps to make you get a glance of my entire makeup collection!!!!
Warning: This is going to be a picture heavy post

How do I store my hanging earrings

How do I store my hanging earrings, I will hang this in my bedroom  inside my wardrobe

my Makeup organiser:) luv it…,Right side: The small clear bags where I store my studs , bangles and other jewellery

First row is for hair accessories, tissues, skincare wipes, bleaches, deodorants,nail polishes

Second row stores my makeup

last row which has my skincare and haircare products

thts mine… I cant live without it…

I keep my makeup brushes on top of my organiser

Hope you all liked my mess….:))
I love it..no matter huv messy it is…. :)))


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