Hi dearies…A lot of you have been asking me to show my entire makeup collection…
Last time I posted the collection here at that time I was @ UK
Today,  I thought to show you guys my current makeup stash πŸ™‚ <3
So, Lets get started, Guys before reading this…I have only a very little collection compared to other Beauty bloggers and YT gurus πŸ™‚ Yet I am proud of my stash!! I keep my jewellery collection and other accessories separately….If you wanna take a look @ how I store them, Do comment below, When I get enough if requests, I will post that too…I am a lazy bun as you all know…. πŸ˜› :/ bear with me sweet dolls!!
So, Lets goo….This is the inbuilt dresser in our bedroom πŸ™‚ I ts very huge and spacious, can accomodate all of my clothing, makeup, bags, jewellery etc πŸ™‚
I am showing only a part of it!! where I store makeup!!

This is my dresser,,,,It has 4 shelves inside and 2 drawers!! yay!! i <3 my vanity table!


A peek into the inside shelves

A lil more closer look!!

My Eye Shadow Palettes, Single Eye shadows,mascaras,eye kohls, Gel liners, and whole bunch of makeup brushes!!

Body Creams, lotions, oils,soaps,shower oils and shower gels etc..some of them are untouched….
a whole set of Organic oils, daily moisturisers, toners,hot cloth cleansers, whole set of lip balms, sunscrens, some backup stuffs, hair serums etc

top Left-Right: Color tatoos, primers, Foundations,Powders, Lipsticks, Correctors & Concelaers,Lip glosses, Blushes, bronzers, eye crayons, and some random makeup mists, bb creams etc

Huv it looks!!

Nail polishes, hand creams, foot packs, scrubs (all manicure , pedicure stuffs)

A small drawer towards right side of my vanity table where I keep all face packs, shampoos,conditioners, oils etc

 I got those lil baskets where I keep my stuff for 40 each from nearby grocery store πŸ™‚ Rest all cardboards are velvette boxes, other beauty boxes, FE boxes, etc
The top most row in the inside of my dresser have all the random stuff, such as PR send products, Brand new pdts ka backups, things that I need to try, sponges, etc….

Hope you all like my small collection πŸ™‚ Do comment below your opinion about my storage πŸ™‚