Hi beauties…..I am a great fan of body lotions….Today I am reviewing a lovely product, which I love a lot these days….This product actually belongs to my MIL, I was given a chance to peep into her vanity the other day…Out of several products which caught my eyes, this one top the list….
The Body Shop Tobacco Flower Body Lotion, Name itself found so unfamiliar to me..I have never heard of such a product before…I took this from my MIL to try out and let me say…I am running out of product…I am heavenly impressed by this…Its fragrance…wohhoooowwoooowwww…gives me a vintage feel….
Absolutely I love with it….I am not watermarking the snap of this one…too lazy…:D 😀


I don’t have so much to say about this lotion…The best thing I found about this is its lovely floral smell and its immediate softening property….It makes my skin super super soft after each use…I finished the bottle and I use it on my hands most of the time…. I love love love the fragrance…it lasts for a long time…..However I feel sad…that its a discontinued product which I am lusting for….. why God….?? Why do you do this to me…?? : ( 

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Anonymous · August 16, 2013 at 6:04 pm

I bought the lotion today.
It’s amazing and it was on the stock.
I’m very mad because of discontinued.Doesn΄t make a sense at all to make something and then….not found again!

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