Biotique Bio Almond Under Eye Cream

Hello my dearies…..I know that I am not regularly blogging these days…its because of my work that I am not getting time to update my blog regularly….Please bear with me guys…….
Today was a holiday for me and its again weekend! I promise you that I will be posting a lot of reviews in the upcoming days!
Today I am going to write about a product which I was using since a long time, I finished the whole tub and finally decided to review this product..When it comes to skincare, I am very much particular, If you check, I don’t have so many skincare related product reviews on my blog…I have a very sensitive skin which prevents me in trying random products…This review is going to be about an under eye cream. I have a thin layer of dark circles around my eyes and an under eye cream is a must have product in my kitty. I have tried mnay under eye creams…But, this one was suggested by a MAC MUA in Hyderabad and I am glad that I purchased this…As a whole , I have heard mixed opinion about this product. But, let me tell you, this product is awesome..I can’t rave enough about it…
Lets move on to review 
Biotique Almond Eye Cream

What does Biotique claim about Bio Almond Eye cream

The Biotique Almond under Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Puffiness helps you get younger looking beautiful eyes on the go. The Almond Under eye cream let you reduce dark circles beneath your eyes. The cream seeps into your skin and results in reducing fine lines of dark circles thereby improving your complexion. This cream protects your delicate skin around the eyes and refreshes it by increasing the brightness in them.
With the help of the Biotique Almond cream you can easily decrease the puffiness underneath your eyes and also reduce the appearance of fine lines. The nourishing cream comprises of oils of nutmeg, almond, sunflower and quince seed gel that nourish your epidermis thereby adding a glow to your skin.
Directions to use:
  • Lightly pat the Almond cream around your eye contours.
  • Apply the cream both in the morning and evening.

Packaging & Price
Qty:16 g; Price : 199 INR


My opinion about the product.
I have already finished a tub and have purchased another one. A must have product in my opinion. I apply Annemarie borlind cream after applying Shahnaz Under Eye Serum at night and serum + I apply this cream with a few drops of Kumkumadi fluid under my eye area and give a good massage before going to bed… I am really happy with the results…My under eye area look a lot lighter now.. I am not going to skip this cream for sure…
This is a thick cream which spreads evenly, no irritation on my sensitive skin. Be a lil careful about the product going onto ur really burns if it does…You need only a very little quantity and a tub usually lasts 2 months if used only at night….it keeps your under eye area nourished and soft..A must have product in my opinion. This cream has all natural ingredients and hence its safe to use.. It reduces puffiness around the eye area too..Regarding the fine lines,  I can’t comment as I don’t have fine lines. The results are really really slow, so, be patient and try massaging this cream every night. It certainly does lighten under eye area…Dry skin people, U need a separate moisturizer as this product is not so much moisturising.  

At 199 INR, I think this product is worth a try. 

Bye dearies….tc

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