Unboxing My First MeMebox : Scent Box Bundle

Hi friends….Today’s post is going to be about my very first Meme Box. I know I am the last person in this entire world to post this…Please bear with me. I was travelling and had no access to desktop/laptop.  A huge box arrives at my office and When walked into the mail room , and I was completely surprised  about what this heavy box might be, when I discovered that it was a set of the three scent boxes by MeMeBox. There were three MeMeBox Scentboxes available, each dedicted to a specific scent , and if you buy two, you receive a third one absolutely  free. I couldn’t resist :D.. All thanks to Renu of MyBeautyJunction (I call her MeMe box queen) to keep inspiring me with all the memebox unboxing..  I am super excited about this post. Keep reading to see what all I received in my Memebox – Scentbox bundle 2+1 🙂 IMG_3593 IMG_3612 IMG_3613 For those of you who are new to MeMe Box

MeMe Box is a beauty/skincare box service company, offering a wide variety of  beauty boxes. Unlike most western beauty boxes which have to be subscribed for on a monthly basis, MeMeBoxes can be preordered, But I really like the fact that it  doesn’t force you to buy more boxes. They ship to most of the countries and the products they send in their boxes are mostly Korean. They have different types of boxes priced diffeently. MeMe Boxes are very popular amongst  blogger community across the globe and they sell out pretty fast, but they bring up new beauty boxes so fast too.

The 3 MeMe Box scent boxes were themed Rose, BabyPowder and Grapefruit Scentbox.  I finally ended up buying the whole set for 30 US$ (each of the boxes cost 15 US$). Here’s what I received.


Let’s start with the MeMeBox Rose Scentbox 🙂


IMG_3595 IMG_3596

IMG_3597 IMG_3598 IMG_3599

Evas Rosemine Plumpy Tint 01 Roseberry (13 g for US$11- box contained fullsize product)

A  lip tint in an appealing cherry red shade. The scent is very faint, but the packaging: OMG! those florals….they stole my heart! , I’m in love with it ! The tint can be used on cheeks and lips, but it has to be blended in quickly, because it dries fast; Also leaves stain on your fingers .if you use them from blending or applying.

Evas Rosemine Floral Remedy Foamy Cleanser (120 ml for US$22- box contained fullsize product)

Adorable  packaging! ♥ – A foamy cleanser which contains rose petals.No overpowering  fragrance…My way to go face wash these days!

Happy Bath Rose Essence Body Wash (200 g for US$11- box contained fullsize product)  – haven’t started using it yet..This goes straight to my cupboard…I will start using it once I finish my Loccitane Cherry Princess shower gel.

Hope Girl Magic Skin Primer (35 g for US$33- box contained 2 ml*5 samples) – Wish it was in a tube instead of sachets – Overall, a decent product that gives  a satin smooth skin.


Next is MeMeBox BabyPowder Scentbox….


IMG_3601 IMG_3602 IMG_3603 IMG_3604 IMG_3605 IMG_3606

Eva’s Mimi Lauryn’s Perfume Soap French Blossom (100 g for US$18- box contained fullsize product)

I’m a soap fan. The fragrance of this is too good, but I didn’t unpack it yet. The packaging is also too beautiful to throw away  🙂

Urban Lailly 7 Seconds Make-Up Booster (50 g for US$40- box contained fullsize product) -A light blue colored priming cream, providing moisture and an even base

Happy Fam Deo Fresh Baby Powder (20ea for US$2- box contained fullsize product)

These are Deodorant wipes for your armpits. Great for putting in a handbag while @ work or travelling. However I wish it was some other product instead of wipes..

Consensis fabric deodorizer (330 ml for US$7 – box contained deluxe sample) – A fabric deodorizing spay. trying something like this for the first time..Enjoy using it on my bed spread ever since  I got it 🙂 loving it…

Last is the MeMebox Grapefruit Scentbox……..

IMG_3607 IMG_3608 IMG_3609 IMG_3610 IMG_3611

Eva’s Mimi Lauryn’s Dress Perfume Mist de Grapefruit (150 ml for US$18 – box contained full size product) -Another fabric, room and car spray. Wish it was a different stuff :/

Kaell28 sunilling Grapefruit Gel (270 ml for US$30- box contained full size product) -A multipurpose soothing gel. It does not come with a pump though. used it after removing makeup on my face and cleansing…I love how it makes my skin cool and feel fresh. A must have product!  i have super sensitive skin and it didn’t irritate my skin which is awesome!!!

Happy Fam Deo Fresh Grapefruit (20ea for US$2- box contained fullsize product) -Deodorant wipes for your armpits. Great for putting in a handbag at work or travelling. not mush impressed by that.

Sun Smile Hydro Gel Choosy Fruit Lip Mask (3 ml x 2ea for US$2- box contained full size product) – Curious to try this…Never tried anything like this before.

Only downside  I felt with the box is that, As its a scent box bundle, they would have included handcreams instead of that wet wipes. and two fabric deodorizer was unnecessary….Wish it was a night cream/ eye serum.

some discount coupons to use while buying the boxes.

Get $5 off on orders when you buy 3 or more Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE3 
Get $8 off on orders when you buy 4 or more Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE4

I have ordered 4 boxes so far and I am waiting for it to reach me 🙂
Hope you all liked the unboxing post!! Join the MeMe Box Family soon 🙂

Stay happy,

Note: I paid for this box; Not a PR sample. Post may contain affiliate links.

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