Girls, Here’s another review from the It’s skin. It’s Skin Babyface Volumer Essence. To know my experience using it- Keep reading…

Product Description
This multipurpose essence offers deep hydration, wrinkle-care and brightening care all together, The hyaluronic acid and the NMF (natural moisturizing factor) formula delivers intense hydration that penetrates the outer layers of your skin, delivering moisture from within. Also, adenosine and niacinamide components work to mitigate and treat signs of aging. They also work to brighten the overall complexion by improving and supporting cell generation and turnover.

Packaging & Price
Comes in this round tube. Nt wt: 30 ml; Price: 11 $

How to use:
Apply alone to face or mix the essence with a BB cream or foundation in the ration 1:3. You can also apply small targeted amounts to specific areas on your face for extra glow

More Pictures & My experience using Volumer Essence



I received this in one of the memeboxes. From the product description, I understood that this is a multipurpose product essence that provides deep hydration, wrinkle-care and brightening care all together to your skin. I have some dry areas around my nose. I decided to apply this alone to that area before applying my regular foundation. this product is colorless which is great. my foundation went smooth on top of this. No slipping or cracking effects which is good. I would say- this product is great if you have dry patches or extremely dry areas. It helps moisture the dry area/ prep it for your base makeup. If you have normal skin with no dryness etc. then, you don’t need this product. I even mix it along with my BB cream/ tinted moisturizer. It reduces the thickness of your foundation/base. It doesn’t change any color or anything when mixed with your base makeup. If you feel your foundation. BB cream is a little thicker- You can use this to change the consistency a little bit. Its quite runny in consistency. when mixed with a thick base- it gives that perfect texture which is super easily blendable.

Have you tried the It’s Skin Babyface Volumer Essence. Do you like it


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