There’s no better way to start your day than using a Fresh Mint shower gel for your bath in this summer time. Cool down the heat using this Organic Harvest Fresh Mint Shower Gel. I have been using this since a couple of weeks now.

Organic Harvest Fresh Mint Shower Gel – 595 INROrganicHarvestFreshMintShowerGel009

Packaging & Price 
595 INR for 200 ml of the product. Comes in a plastic packaging as shown with ingredients mentioned on the sticker label. Do you remember that typical L’Occitane packaging. It’s similar to it.The opening on the cap of this bottle is very handy and only dispense limited amount each time you use it thereby minimising the wastage. It’s travel friendly because of the sturdy packaging.

Why I love it

It’s enhanced with moisturizing liquid Shea butter and it gives a fresh feeling of mint, cool down the body, cleanses and tones while purifying skin pores.

Key Ingredients
Ecocert certified Decyl glucoside, peppermint oil, liquid shea butter and potassium sorbate in surfactant base.


Apply to your damp skin, lather and then rinse thoroughly. It really lathers well and creates a lot of bubbles…


The fragrance of the shower gel is minty which is really great for summer months. Talking about the fragrance longevity, It doesn’t lasts longer. However, if you layer with other mint based cooling lotions etc, I noticed the smell lasts for about 3 hours or so. If you suffer from prickly heat or similar issues, this is a fabulous shower gel for it. It really cools down the area and also remove the redness. The color  of the gel is green with a not-so runny consistency, the formula lathers well in contact with water and a natural loofah It cleanses the body area really well without making it dry.

I also use is as a bath bubble. You just need to add about 8 drops of it and fill your bath tub..It’s the best feeling ever! The fresh minty bath! A must-repurchase product for me.

Organic Harvest Fresh Mint Shower Gel retails for 595 INR and can be purchased online from here

What’s your summer shower gel at the moment ? 

** Product sent by brand PR. However, my review is honest and unbiased as always.


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