Fragrance Wardrobe – A New Way To Find A Scent for Every Occasion


On June 14, the Hollywood beauty editor’s from VIOLET GREY introduce you to your new fragrance wardrobe, a best-in-class fragrance curation designed to complete your cosmetic wardrobe.

The fragrance wardrobe designed to take you everywhere, from the a blind date (Tom Ford Santal Blush), the final interview of your dream job (Guerlain Shalimar), your high school reunion (Vilhelm Room Service), as you walk down the aisle (Jean Patou Joy) or to a 6am workout session with your fetching trainer (Byredo Gypsy Water). For more inspiration on “Where to Wear” visit The Violet Files.

The timeless, coveted and iconic scents have been discovered, tested and approved by VIOLET GREY’s expert advisory community including industry renowned “noses”, tastemakers and fragrance experts, to ensure every scents meets the standard of The Violet Code.

VIOLET GREY Founder & CEO, Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey shares, “we approached the VIOLET GREY fragrance edit in the same way we do every other beauty category, with our council of industry experts! Every bottle has been deemed best in class and is therefore appropriate to recommend to our clients.”

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The experts behind the curation include Dawn and Samantha Goldworm of olfactory branding mecca 12.29 (they concoct the scents for everything from Rodarte fashion shows to the Armory and Art Basel art fairs). Dawn explains how they choose the scents for VIOLET GREY, “Samantha and I examined the perfumes throughout history that defined and exemplified fragrance categories in the past century. We then re-evaluated the formulas on shelf today and chose the best candidates for the Violet Grey woman. We feel the fragrance curation is symbolic of a modern interpretation of perfumery today.”

Only 28 fragrances from 12 brands have been selected, including Aedes de Venustas, Byredo, Chanel, Diana Vreeland, Frederic Malle, Guerlain, Jean Patou, L’Oeil du Vert, Maison Marigela, Serge Lutens, Tom Ford and Vilhelm.

Shop the curation now on VIOLETGREY.COM and at the VIOLET GREY flagship on Melrose Place in Los Angeles.

Founded by Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey and launched in 2013, VIOLET GREY is a luxury, multi-channel beauty company with curated media and commerce arms, of which includes a brick-and-mortar flagship store at 8452 Melrose Place in Los Angeles, an editorially-rich online shopping destination at VIOLETGREY.COM, and a digital magazine The Violet Files. Instagram: @violetgrey

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