Forest Essentials Vaishnavi De Stress Therapy | Review

We all have different interpretations of stress. While some amongst us focus on what happens to us followed by the stress, Others think more of the event that created stress. Either ways,What really matters are our thoughts about the situations in which we find ourselves. When I am over worked or stressed, I usually go get a full body massage or spa. The blend of essential oils or the massage to the pressure points really help me unwind stress.

In today’s post, I am talking about two of the mists that you can carry with you where ever you go. Be it your car, your handbag or bed side table. These two products are very calming. Soothe away stress no matter where you are with the Vaishnavi De Stress Therapy.

Vaishnavi De Stress Therapy – INR 1650

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Soothe away stress no matter where you are with the Vaishnavi De Stress Therapy. This incredible blend of essential oils will bring emotional balance to the body and mind and help calm down those nerves.