MABH Fast Hair Growth Oil – Finally a good hair oil in Indian Market

Hiya makeupholics….Hope you guys are enjoying the holidays…Many of you have been asking me about my hair care routine, what oil I use. About managing and maintaining the hair etc…Today, I decided to blog about my current favorite hair oil which was introduced to me by my blogger friend Lancy. I have been using this since more than a month now and I am finishing my first bottle. I think its the right time to do a review about it. I generally don’t experiment with hair oils. Since so many years I have been using Castor Oil+Almond Oil+Olive Oil for my hair..But, Ever since I have moved to Hyderabad, I don’t get the time and patience to mix the oils, gently warm it up and use…Honestly, When I heard about this oil for the first time, I didn’t believe the results which others were raving about…I was impressed by the fact that MABH oil was made using all natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any preservatives/parabens/any other harsh chemicals and most importantly, It was made using 18 essential herbs and is made by Lancy’s mom. I got excited and decided to use it…To know my experience using MABH hair oil….Keep reading!