L’Oreal Collection Star Red Lipstick Swatches

The change in seasons isn’t just the perfect opportunity to switch up your wardrobe… It’s also a great time to checkout new makeup hues and textures! I was in search of some variety of  lipstick shades. That’s when Loreal contacted me and gave me these shades for review. Its the all new Loreal Paris Collection Star Red lipsticks. 7 gorgeous, tempting lip shades that are supposed to be the signature red lipsticks of the L’Oreal ambassadors who endorse them. Excited, isn’t it? Today’s post is going to be the swatch post or first impression post of these newly launched lipsticks. Please bear with photographs. I am on my holidays now and I have clicked these using my phone. hence- There is a lighting issue. I will be reviewing each one of this separately with LOTDs. Stay tuned for it.