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Count Down to Christmas – Tier For Teens Skincare Range

TIER FOR TEENS range has been developed by NELLIE TIER which is targeted for young skin.  It’s natural, hand-blended, pH balanced. Each product is PACKED with natures GOODNESS.  Botanical extracts, herbal infusions, and essential oils blend together in a gentle, healing and non-drying range that is free from sulphates, synthetic ingredients, pre-made bases, artificial colouring and fragrances.

I am a big fan of Nellie Tier skincare products and if you are one of those regular readers of my blog, You might have already read all the reviews that I posted. If not, Have a look at them here. I got super excited when I was sent some of the products from Tier FOr Teens range. Though this range is specially for teenagers, I decided to give it a try. During my teenage days, I never had problems related to acne or any other skin related problems. It’s now when I turned 28, most of the skincare issues such as breakouts, dark circles etc started recurring… So, I thought, Why not give this a try and see how effective it is in getting rid of my acne related issues. After all, all products are completely natural, So no harm in trying!

Now, A little about my skin – I have a super sensitive skin and I sometimes get breakouts during those days of the month. If you ask about my skincare routine. I don’t have a single brand alone for my skincare. I mix and match a lot of products (day/night moisturisers along with serums and facial oils) depending on the special skin issue I have at the time I select the product which targets that specific problem. The three products I used to use daily from this Nellie Tier range is – Face Serum, Eye gel, Day/Night Creams. Tier For Teens range arrived at the right time. I received it when I had almost emptied the serum and day cream.

So, Let’s move on to the review. This range have a total of  6 products out of which I have 4 of them

made in new zealand products

Tier For Teens Skincare Range