Hi to my dearies..I’m going to review a face pack from Lotus Herbals
Black Clay Skin Whitening Face Pack

Let me share the snaps first

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What Lotus Herbals Claim about this Face Pack
Black clay is very rich in minerals and silica; helps brighten facial complexion. Bearberry extract, rich in arbutin, and liquorice extract help lighten facial complexion.

Directions for use
Wash your face with JOJOBAWASH™ and blot dry. Apply a generous amount of CLAYWHITE™ on face and neck, leaving eyes. Relax till completely dry. Rinse with fresh water. Follow with FAIRGEL™.

Active Ingredients
Black Clay- Cleans skin, unclogs skin pores, absorb skin sebum. Bearberry Extract- Suppresses melanin formation results in skin whitening & de-pigmentation. Liquorice Extract-Suppresses production of melanin & results in skin whitening.

My views about the Claywhite Face pack

I got this product for free when I bought other Lotus Products while I was in India.
I always liked mud packs which will dry out and absorb excess oil and refines pores on our facial skin and thereby prevent acne break outs.

Packaging and Price
It comes in a flip to open tube and is a greyish colored paste. comes with a price tag of    180INR for 120 gm tube

As you can read from the pictures above, The pack says it contains

black clay:very rich in minerals and silica, helps brighten facial complexion.

Bearberry extract: rich in arbutin helps lighten complexion

Liquorice extract: lighten facial complexion

Pros of Claywhite Face Pack
  • It evens my skin tone
  • It blends very easily onto skin
  • Its not very expensive
  • pack dries out and removes dirt from face
  • clay kinda smell
  • removes tanning 
  • good packaging

  • After application of the pack I felt a tingling sensation which faded within a short time..I applied the pack after washing my face with loreal face wash and I blended pack onto my skin..then after removing pack (after 20 min or till pack gets dried up or when your skin feel stretched out),I washed off the pack in cold water , and I applied my Loreal moisturiser
  • I didn’t like the way they  mentioned to use the lotus products in conjunction with the pack..
  • If not washed thoroughly the pack will leave stains on your face hehe :DDDD lol…
  • not suitable for all skin types..people with dry skin should stay away from this…:(
Overall I liked the pack…It does what it claim:)

Have you tried claywhite face pack..huv do you feel??

tc guys..see yaa all through another review:)


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