I really love oils…They are really great in making your skin glow…
Today I am reviewing Superdrug Tea Tree Blended Oil which was part of my recent haul
Let me share the snaps first

What do the company claim about the oil
Superdrug Tea Tree blended oil is diluted to 1% so that it can be directly used on the skin.
Tea Tree oil is a natural antibacterial and purifying oil with a wide range of uses for skin protection. Tea Tree oil originates from Australia and is particularly effective on spots and blemishes, helping to promote a clearer, healthier-looking skin

Packaging and Price
Comes in a small bottle of 10 ml, Price : 2.99 GBP, shell life: 12 months

Directions to use
After cleansing use cotton wool and apply directly to the affected area, Use regularly morning and evening.
To keep your tea tree oil in best condition, store in a cool, dark place


My views about the oil
I didn’t use it directly on my skin,rather I took few drops of it alon gwith my moisturiser and applied gently on my skin after washing with tea tree facial face wash from body shop, I used it twice daily to clear my acne..now, that my acne have completely gone, so I am applying it only in the alternate days…
Also..I use few drops of oil to my baby shampoo and use to clean my makeup brushes, overall I liked it…I have heard mixed reviews about body shop tea tree oil, so i went for this…Also it was more cheaper than Body Shop one..I really really recommend this…


  • cheaper
  • can be used alone or with moisturiser on affected areas
  • cruelty free
  • easily available across the superdrug stores in UK
  • full list of ingredients mentioned
  • paraben free

I haven’t got any cons so far

Have you tried Tea Tree Oil??
Do you like it….

bye dearies…comments are most welcome….

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