Hi my wonderful Butterflies…Today I am reviewing a product from the tea tree range of Superdrug…They are really cheaper and I bought it on a 3 for 2 offer…:) 
Tea Tree Cleansing Pads
These are not tested on animals and is paraben freeI love the packaging, the pot is awesome. You could use it for something after you finish all these…And when you take the lid off, the pads are covered with foil.One side of the cleansing pad is rough, and the other  side is smooth.  Using circular motions you use the scrubby side first and finish with the smooth side. Quite good and soothing, though the rough side can be a bit scratchy. It left my skin soft, cooling nd smooth…They are so effective to be used on pimple prone skin as it soothes and calms down the skin to an extent… They are quite effective at cleansing the skin. Avoid usage to the eyes as it might cause a burning sensation if used on eyes….

I would totally recommend this if you are looking for a cheaper and faster way to do cleansing…

Have you tried Tea Tree Cleansing Pads…Do You like them??