Hi makeupholics….I am reviewing a shower gel which I recently got as a gift from L’Occitane when I purchased some of the products online….
L’Occitane Plum Blossom Polishing Shower Gel

What do L’Occitane claim about Plum Blossom Polishing Shower Gel
Enriched with exfoliating almond shell granules, the Plum Blossom Polishing Shower Gel transforms into a rich, creamy foam that gently cleanses, exfoliates and perfumes the skin with the floral and fruity scent of Plum Blossom. The skin feels soft, silky and radiant! Suitable for daily use.

Packaging and Price:
Regular packaging is a tube of 200 ml; I have a travel sized one, So its a bottle of 75 ml
Price: Regular one: 13.50 GBP
Shell Life:12 months


Directions to use:
Apply onto damp skin using light massage movements, focus on areas that tend to be rough (heels, knees, elbows…) then rinse. Finish by showering with fresh water, from bottom to top. Can be used on a daily basis.

My views about L’Occitane Plum Blossom Polishing Shower Gel
As always let me post some more sweet snaps of this awesome product…

I really really like this product and it has a fresh and floral fragrance…As the name specifies, It does a good job in exfoliating and polishing the body areas….
It is not at all harsh on the skin…. It leaves the skin soft and It can wash down the impurities..I love to use a bath sponge with this so that it helps in exfoliating the back side of the body where my hands cant reach… 🙂 
After massaging the body areas, I wash it off using luke warm water and I use a body lotion 🙂
Believe me, If you can do this once a week, its great 🙂
I have already purchased a regular bottle of this as I liked this one so much 🙂


  • do what it claims
  • no irritation on skin
  • leaves skin smooth
  • act as a gentle body exfoliator
  • full list of ingredients mentioned
  • travel sized bottle available
  • great gift to ur loved ones
  • easily available
Only downside I felt is the higher price 🙁 It might upset some of you..But I strictly say, Its better to buy this than spending money on something that won’t work at all..Also, for doing a back facial at a salon or spa will cost you more than 400 bucks…This products gives you the same effect if used in the right way..Seek help from your mother or dearest friend whom you trust:)
get urself pampered….Try out a trial version and purchase the regular one only if you like it….

I would definitely repurchase it after finishing the one that I use now:)
I really recommend this to all 🙂 

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