Hi makeupholics…I am going to review a favourite favourite Under Eye Cream of mine….Annemarie Borlind Pura Soft Q10 Under Eye Cream
What does the company claim about the product
An ideal complement to Pura Soft Q10 24 hour cream and recommended for wearers of contact lenses as it is fragrance free. A blend of co-enzyme Q10 and vitamin A maintain the firmness of the skin and intensively protect it against premature wrinkles forming. Natural moisturisers increase the water content of the skin and keep it soft and smooth.
Packaging and Price
Comes in a tube packaging of Qty: 15 ml; Price: £10.52 + £3.75 UK delivery
I bought it from Amazon here

My opinion about the product
I have tried several under eye creams and nothing worked for me except this as well as Aroma magic Under Eye cream…
Out of all the under eye creams I have tried, only this one have actually helped me in reducing my dark circles…
I bought this after reading a review by Kimi of Beauty Diaries…:)
I am glad that I bought this 🙂 :happy dance

My dark circles was developed due to sleepless nights and continuous usage of laptop….
I tried several under eye creams ranging from drug store ones to high end brands…Nothing gave me the result I waited for…I then tried this…It really changed the dry texture around my under eye area….It moisturized my under eye area really well,  Along with this cream, I followed the Vitamin E oil + Evening Prime rose oil massage which helped me in reducing my dark circles to a big extend…It also diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles..

I included several fruits in my diet..and I completely got rid of coffee as well as tea…
I use this after cleaning my face using a gentle face wash at night..and then I follow with my Night cream….In the morning I can see my eyes fresh…
I am now sleeping almost 9-10 hrs and that has also helped me in reducing the puffiness around my eyes..One thing I noticed about the cream is that, The results are very very slow…. But, you should continue to use this…

A factor which cause dark circle is stress…Try to relax yourself by getting engaged in any activity that relaxes your mind…I always dip a cotton in rose water and keep it over my eyes while I am free…I have a eye mask from Faces which I keep refrigerated always….

Once in a week, when I do the cleanups, I make sure to give my eyes a cool massage using rose water ice 🙂 🙂 ( tip given by Lancy of MABH) 
I now feel the change on my face….I am also massaging body shop Vitamin E cream before applying moisturizer for my daily foundation routine…
I personally felt a big change after I started changing my diet and after using this Cream from Annemarie Borlind..This cream is really expensive, but its worth trying if you have a thin layer of  dark circles under the eyes  like me….
But, If you have severe dark circles, You better consult a doctor before using any creams..There can be several reasons for the dark circles…

 You just need a tiny amount of product and a little goes a long way…
I don’t think this is available in India, If you have any friends living in UK or EU nations, you can ask them to get it for you…


  • moisturises under eye area
  • gentle on skin
  • easy to apply
  • good packaging
  • full ingredients mentioned
  • diminishes the fine lines and wrinkles
  • lasts for a long time
  • availability in India might be an issue…
Hope you all liked my review….:)I will review Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream soon…

Have you tried Annemarie Borlind Pura Soft Q10 Under Eye Cream
If yes, Do you like it…If No, Which is your favourite under eye cream

Bye dearies



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