Hi dearies….Huv are you all…Today I am going to review one of the facial whitening scrub I use once in a week….Its a drug store product..This product was gifted to me…So, I am not sure about the price… :/
I think its available in the stores across middle east…However, I haven’t found any description or website mentioning this product….
Whitening Facial Scrub C & E++ 
This is going to be a description less post… I will Just quickly mention what I fell about this product

Usage Directions & Ingredients:

The texture of the product is very creamy, Not like hte consistency of other srubs…After application I feel it is easy to scrub in using my fingers….and on cleaning, I get a soft, supple face…. I feel it lightens the area which lasts for 2-3 hours…# I think lightening is due to any bleaching agents present in the product#
It didn’t cause any irritation on my skin…It smells good….
Only a lil product is needed for each usage and so, one single tub can be used for a long time…
However I am not a big fan of this product, I prefer scrubs containing Neem to this 🙂


  • gentle to use on skin
  • good fragrance
  • usage instructions and ingredients mentioned
  • contains Vit C and E++
  • one tub lasts for a long time
  • a lil product is needed for each usage
  • availability might be an issue
  • contains parabens
  • I think it has some bleaching agents….

Have you tried this Scrub??