Hiya Makeupholics……
Its a year since I started blogging!!! Our Blog’s Anniversary…..14 February!!!
Time flies…..

 I feel so happy that I have been Wonderfully blogging since a year….I met and found loads of amazing friends from blogosphere…People whom I can approach When I have any problem….people with whom I can share all my shopping sprees, ask opinion about anything and everything on Earth….I feel really happy and blessed to be a part of blogosphere…:)
My Blog Makeupholic World continues its journey….Lots of new segments are coming up on our cute lil girly website:) Stay Tuned….Now that I have started working again…its really difficult for me to update the blog everyday…I have found an alternate solution for that 🙂
SO stay tuned..wait for my updates….A new giveaway will be up soon on the blog …I am now working on it…:)  Another exciting news is..a lot of brands have contacted me asking me to review their products… I am so excited that my lil teeny tiny blog is getting famous….:)

 I need all ur support in the coming days too:) Please don’t leave me and my blog alone….:)

Thanks a lot for stopping by….
Go..grab urself a sweet cupcake!!!
happy birthday Makeupholic World!!!!