A good product that helps in making your liquid foundations better…Really? Does it work?

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In this post I am reviewing LUSH Colour Supplements Dark Yellow and Dark Pink

What does LUSH claim about Colour Supplements

This supplement is designed for dark skin types of predominantly yellow or olive tones(Dark Yellow) & pink tones(Dark Pink).

The best place on your skin to do a test colour match for foundation is at the side of your face near the jaw line.  

Packaging & Price: 

Comes in a glass bottle as shown below; Qty: 20 g; Price : 9 GBP; 

A lil more about them and the Ingredient List

>>The pigment blend is in a gentle cream base containing rose petal infusion, soya and rice bran oils – making it comfortable enough to wear all day without feeling heavy.

>>Does not contain mineral oils, because we worry about putting them on the face in foundations, especially on people with sensitive skin.

Quantitative Ingredients

Fresh Rose Petal Infusion, Soya Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Rice Bran Oil, Stearic Acid, Talc, Glycerine, Triethanolamine, Colour 77492, Cetearyl Alcohol, Colour 77499, Colour 77491, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

*occurs naturally in essential oils

How to use them

>>Perfect for giving you an even, flawless look to your skin, these little beauties will cover up the odd blemish, tone down any redness, and give you beautiful glowing skin. They can be used by themselves as a normal foundation for more concentrated coverage, or they can be mixed with our beautiful range of moisturisers to give a lighter, more dewy complexion.

>>Made with Red Rose Petal Infusion to calm redness and Glycerine to help your skin absorb moisture, these Supplements do lovely things for your skin, as well as making it look good. 

>>If you want to use them as a tinted moisturiser, but wake up one morning with a blemish then dab a little of the colour supplement, neat, onto the offensive little spot. See, it doubles up as Concealer too! Don’t forget to use your Greased Lightning on the blemish first though!

>>If you’re not sure which Colour Supplement is right for you, then there’s a simple way of finding out from the choice of five colours; Light Pink, Dark Pink, Light Yellow, Dark Yellow and Jackie Oates (for pale complexions). 

To test the shades, apply a little of the colour onto your jaw line to see how well it blends, – don’t worry if you have to try all four, its better to try them all and get the right shade, than to try one and end up with a tide line!

Tinted Moisturiser – Step by step guide:

1 – Cleanse and Tone as normal.

2 – Choose the correct shade for your skin.

3 – Spread some of your Supplement onto the back of your hand.

4 – Add a line of your moisturiser next to it.

5 – Using your hand as a palette, mix the two together till you get the desired texture.

6 – Apply to your face, starting with your nose.

7 – Work your way out, towards your jaw and hairline.

Alternatively, you can also use it as a Foundation like this:

1 – Select the correct shade.

2 – Moisturise as normal.

3 – Whilst your skin is still damp from the moisturiser, apply your colour supplement, working your way out from the nose. This way, you will find that the colour glides easily over your skin giving a beautiful, even coverage, and it won’t get caught in any dry areas.

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My experience using LUSH Colour Supplements

Well, I am a big fan of LUSH cosmetics and I picked these from London…I am person who likes to try out different things when it comes to base makeup…

I mix tiny bit of it with my regular moisturiser and apply it all over my face and neck during those lazy days…. I love the coverage it gives, For me , I thin Dark yellow suits the most…Dark pink is more suited for pink undertones people…. This comes in five shades, Light Yellow, Dark Yellow, Light Pink, Dark Pink, and Jackie Oats (which is a fair shade). It will be hard finding a shade that matches you perfectly, but they are designed to be mixed to get your perfect shade. 

You can try mixing some of it or combination of both shades to your regular foundation, which makes the foundation more easier to blend and when I mix this with foundation,  I feel that it makes my foundation lasts longer, if you want to change the texture of your foundation and need an effortless blending/ buffing, then this is a good product..I find that 

I generally mix pink with foundations that are slightly too dark for me, and I want to get the dark yellow shade to mix with foundations that are a little too light for me.

I am not a big fan of the smell…But, when I mix this with my regular foundation/ moisturiser, the smell is not so harsh….

Overall, I give it a rating of 3/5. 4 ; 1 less for limited shade range and smell, and another 1 for price and availability….

Hope you guys find this review helpful 🙂

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Have you tried any of the LUSH Colour Supplements ?

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