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Hello beautiful
Today I am here with the review of a wonderful shade from MAC
Yes, its MAC Riri Woo

The only shade that can give competition to the MAC hottest selling shade “ruby woo” is “RIRI WOO” …or we can say riri is the cousin sister of ruby…and when all the makeup lovers going gaga over the launching of both “Rihanna collection” & “Rihanna holiday collection” I was somewhat out of the race as I was not planning to buy it as I was already ordered it from far US through one of my friend and so I sit back and enjoy the hype of ‘Rihanna collections.” Needless to say that mine Riri is not from limited edition one …in fact the packaging is permanent range type as I guess it is permanent abroad.


Packaging & Price
Packaging, It has 2 versions, one with the limited edition packaging,
I had to pay near about 1500 INR for this lipstick and I am really happy for that as Mac stores in my city got all the Riri sold out within few mins after launching. So if I didn’t order before I know I still can’t make it from here so spending some extra bucks really worth for me in this case
The packaging of the lipstick is like the permanent range one. And the lipstick smells like the usual vanilla one J
Coming to the shade…Riri is a matte cool red. I don’t like warm red as I think it will not suit my warmer skin tones. But like Riri suits me so well. If I want to describe the shade then it will be “An intense red”.  In fact Riri is the remix of the classic cult shade of Mac i.e. Ruby woo. The lipstick comes with the signature wrapping the entire lipstick is the actual classy thing about this lipstick. Honestly, I didn’t find any difference between ruby and riri much unless there is slight difference in the intensity of red. So if you want to have only one red in your vanity that can be ruby [as riri is not available in India ] unless you are a makeup junkie like me who want to have all the red shades from Mac lipsticks.

Riri woo comes under retro matte which are superb matte, I mean more matte than the matte range one and for this reason one could found the texture is quite dry. But I am a matte lipstick lover so my searches always end up on matte in any brand. As the texture of the lipstick is dry so I find slight tugging and pulling of lips while applying it. So my suggestion is proper moisturizing of lips before applying lipstick is needed. The lipstick can be paired with golden Smokey eyes or just with simple kajal.

Here are the swatches of Riri Woo

So here are the sweet and bitter parts J
Sweet part:-
·         The signature wrapping the lipstick makes it look classy.
·         The shade is perfect for warmer skin tones beauties.
·         The red is more intense one.
·         Matte in texture.
·         Staying power of the lipstick is good as the matte one.
·         Vanilla scents of the lipstick.
The bitter part:-
·         Availability.
·         The matte texture is too dry.
·         Pricey.
·         Limited edition in India.
More Pictures and my  FOTD
My ratings: – 4/5
My recommendation:- I must say riri and ruby are almost same, there is only 19.5-20 difference between two so if you can’t grab riri, don’t be sad grab ruby… Jleaving the con of availability I must say it is a great shade and although I have ruby, but still I love riri…and am happy that I grab it J

Makeupholic World Edit >>>> Awesome Post Samannita…The review and pictures are awesome as always! 
We love your Posts you MAC Queen…
Also, loving what you are wearing on eyes!! I am eyeing Riri Woo, its sold out everywhere 🙁