Hi dearies….Today I am going to share with you all my experience using MAC Brush Cleanser….
This is a very delayed post…Sorry about it…I have tried several DIY methods for spot cleaning of brushes..But, never found anything that actually helped me and save the time!
Read on to know how effective did MAC Brush Cleanser did the job….
What MAC claim about Brush Cleanser
This one product will clean, disinfect and condition the brush fibers so that brushes will last longer. It is convenient to use and is specifically designed to extend the life of high quality brushes. Brush Cleanser leaves your brushes smelling fresh and clean, and helps shorten their drying time.
Packaging & Price
Comes in a plastic bottle of 235 ml; price : 650 INR; Available at all MAC stores nationwide
How I use it mostly
MUA’s will tell you that you should clean your makeup brushes after each use, especially for foundation and concealer brushes, so as to stop the spread of germs..
With eye shadow brushes, it’s good to do this once or twice a week (or more if needed).
I clean the brushes every day 🙂 Very important to avoid acne and other skin problems.
I am a person who does makeup regularly and so, I make sure that my brushes are always kept clean and free from germs…
For the brushes which I use rarely; I use the shampoo cleanser method…For brushes that I use everyday , I follow this spot cleaning method..

 Step 1: Take MAC Brush Cleanser
 Step 2: Pour a little brush cleanser onto a piece of tissue (cotton wool will absorb most of the cleaners so tissue is better to use). Toilet paper will just break unless you use 4 ply.
I prefer Facial Tissues for this.
 Step 3: Dab the brush onto the wet tissue, brushing back an forth until you start to see the makeup coming off the brush. Try to do so in forward and backwards motions so as not to wreck the bristles. 
When the tissue becomes too dirty, open the tissue up and continue the same thing on the ‘clean’ part of the wet tissue. Do this until your brush is clean. Repeat with all your brushes, using a new tissue and more cleaner.
However, only one con which I felt is that, It should have been in a spray bottle for more convenient use…
This brush cleaning method help me keep my daily using brushes clean and perfect!!!
I will repurchase this product.

Have you used MAC Brush Cleanser? What do you think of it