Nyassa Khwaaish Exhibition ~ A Heaven & Earth Experience

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I was invited for the Nyassa Khwaaish Exhibition at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad. 

Nyassa experience is one ‘From Heaven and Earth’

About Us
Do you know what the word ‘Nyassa’ that has a Sanskrit origin mean? It means healing through touch by chanting tantras and mantras. The result- a divine body. Taking this concept forward to its practical application is Nyassa, the bath and body products brand that has recently launched 28 new fragrances especially to beat the summer heat.
Nyassa was founded by Ishween Anand, a Chartered Accountant and a MBA from Stern School of Business, New York. She left her cushy finance job in New York to pursue her passion for fragrances and started the company in April 2007. Her vision was to create a beautiful product that was mild on the skin and one that left a wonderful lingering fragrance. Anand has been trained in the art of manufacturing bath and body products by experts around the world. Her passion has led to Nyassa having a distinctive fragrance and is the reason why its products are easily distinguishable from others in the field. 
she says “with this philosophy we embarked upon creating aesthetic products in rich textures and sensuous aromas. But for skin to maintain its youthful vitality, the product also has to work harmoniously with it. That is  why we only use the finest ingredients, keeping them wholesome, pure and natural to the extent possible.”
The soaps and body products are made only from the most natural materials, colours and fragrances. They are one of the few manufacturers whose products are truly 100% vegetarian. The company has been manufacturing and retailing close to 150 products across seven categories. They are sold through its retail outlets in Mumbai and franchises in Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad and Nasik, 
Although Nyassa’s products are for all seasons, it has launched new fragrance based products for the summer season. Explaining how the brand will help consumers beat the heat this summer Anand says, “the 28 new handmade and natural soaps that we have launched in a medley of fragrances are very unique. We have special summer fragrances such as Asian Lemongrass, Peppy Mint, Green Apple, and Tropical Vetiver and  these refreshing soaps are sure to keep the heat down this summer.”
A sneak peek into the new collection is Tropical Vetiver, Cafe noir, Vanilla and Dried Fruits, Southern Spice and Good Earth. All the ingredients of the soaps contain natural ingredients like Aloevera extract, Grape seed extract, honey, and cold pressed sweet almond oil, and cold pressed wheat germ oil, Glycerine, vitamin E acetate. Each of the new soaps have got 2-3 special ingredients other than the base 9 ingredients which make them unique.  Nyassa soaps are not only used in summers but throughout the year.
The company’s products have a competitive edge over similar substitutes. Nyassa soaps are made using natural ingredients and are completely vegetable based which gives the company an edge over other bath and body products available in the market today. Elaborating further on this Anand said, “There are many players in the bath and body products market which are mainly Ayurvedic category or herbal category. By definition they have restricted use of ingredients.  Nyassa is a fragrance story that uses its products as carriers for the same. Additionally each of the products has beneficial ingredients that work magic on the skin.”
The Nyassa experience is one “From Heaven and Earth”. To give you an example one of the most likely winners is the Cafe Noir Soap which has ingredients like Aloevera extract, Grape seed extract, honey, cold pressed sweet almond oil, cold pressed wheat germ oil, Glycerine, vitamin E acetate in the base and grounded coffee powder as exfoliants with activated charcoal to get rid of excess oil in summer. A lot of deliberation has gone into each product to appeal to all senses.
She further adds, “today people are as cautious about food for their skin as much as they are concerned about the food they eat. Keeping products simple with good clean ingredients, minimizing chemicals, eradicating use of animal products are all trends for a discerning customer especially the  Nyassa customer.”
She explained in detail Nyassa’s production, packaging and distribution strategies. Where production strategy is concerned Nyassa products are made in small batches with the use of natural ingredients to ensure that the consumer can use fresh products each time they use the product. All Nyassa products ingredients are lab tested through vendors before they are purchased. Additionally the products also go through a vigorous round of testing after a batch is made. Additionally Nyassa does not get its products manufactured from other vendor so as to ensure full control over the process from start to finish.
As for packaging strategy, their motto is simple and  minimal, “What you see is what you get”. In the coming months, with the launch of new product line, the company is planning to change its packaging to provide more information to the consumer on the ingredients of the product.
It is with this philosophy that Nyassa embarked upon creating aesthetic products in rich textures and sensuous aromas. But for your skin to maintain its youthful vitality, the product also has to work harmoniously with it. And that’s why we only use the finest ingredients, keeping them wholesome, pure and natural to the extent possible. Our processes have been learnt from many experts from around the world. The final product is a work of art. Tantalizingly fragrant. Gloriously beautiful. And gentle on the skin.

Nyassa’s expertise lies in evoking feelings through fragrances. Fond childhood memories. That first romantic kiss. Lying down on the beach. A walk under the starry skies. And many, many more…
Read more about them and shopping online from them here

My experience visiting the stall and meeting the founder of Nyassa
Me along with Revathy of Health n Beauty & Nidhi went to the Taj Krishna.
We met Ishween Anand, the lovely lady behind the brand!

Trust me guys, Before using and knowing more about Nyassa, I never believed that any Indian brands could ever bring many variety of bath and body products.
I am a person who gives equal importance to Bath n Body Products just like makeup!
I always look out for varieties and let me tell you about some of the Nyassa’s products i really liked and picked up…

They make some really  fantastic soaps, all pure, natural and handmade. And the fragrance are simply out of the world. They include clear base soaps, olive oil soaps, loofah soaps, shaving soaps and honey and oats soaps. Have a look at them!

From Top : 15 handmade soap collection (ideal as a gift ); Hand made soap ranges!

 A closer view
What I picked!


lavender gift set

Loofah Soaps
Nyassa’s loofah soaps are made in small batches where the clear base is poured over natural loofah. As you lather away, the soap nourishes the skin while the loofah acts on the rough areas of the knees, elbows and feet

Comes in 3 varieties – from Left : Asian Lemongrass, Orange Burst & Peppy Mint

Comes in 3 varieties – from Left : Asian Lemongrass, Orange Burst & Peppy Mint

Nyassa Body Butter
Nyassa’s body butters are deliciously rich and intended for intense skin nourishment. The secret ingredient is Shea Butter that moisturizes deeply and quickly. Guaranteed to provide your skin with a beautiful glow.

Amazing Body Butters

Essential Oils, Lip balms, Shower gels, Body oils etc

Us along with Ishween Anand, founder of Nyassa

What I picked 

What I got as a complimentary gift today and What I got last week!

I absolutely love the stuffs and I have already started using bath salt amongst the ones I have…The next best thing i love about Nyassa is the fact that all their products are very affordable and is equivalent to TBS & Loccitane….I think the range of hand made soaps is awesome..Can’t want to try them….Wait for my reviews soon girls 🙂

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  1. Sounds a Fun Event 🙂 .. You girls catch up so often – I wish I could be part of the gang 😉
    Lovely Pictures – Those soaps look alluring 🙂

    1. I am sure vipra, u will definitely love the products when u use them….I am using Body lotion, body butter,soap and a bath salt frm them..everythng is awesome

  2. wow.. loved the post, ur description n the piccyss renjo… the session wid Ishween was really informative n fun… i am dying to try out the products now.. n waiting fro the brand’s new releasses too 😀

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