Unwanted tans can be really  painful–especially, when you’re left with those awful streaks and “can’t bear scary” marks. Whether your tan is from the sun or from a bottle, there are several things you can do to fade the color or even remove it completely. Today, In this post I am going to talk about a wonder product that worked for me like a miracle and helped removing my face tan completely…Yes, The star of the day is Gia Bath & Body Works – Cleopatra . I can’t stop praising this fabulous find  of Gayatri Brown from Gia Bath & Body Works
I am really fortunate to have found this brand and all of the products are carefully hand made by our own dearest Gayatri.  Keep reading to know how this product helped me…

A little about Gia Bath & Body Works
Gia Bath and Body Works is a brand committed to making Handcrafted Luxurious treats to pamper your skin. We make exquisite Handcrafted bathing bars and skin care products In small batches while carefully choosing our ingredients and creating attractive body treats with unique designs and textures. 

The fragrances/Essential oils and colors we use are the Finest Premiums. We specialize in exquisite designer soap bars, cupcake soaps, and soap cakes.
All our products are handcrafted with love in a separated Soaping zone. 

None of our products contain harmful chemicals or fillers to bulk out products, They do not contain any SLS, SLES, preservatives or hardeners. just the raw Natural & Pure ingredients.They are suitable for most skin types.

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Who is behind it
The wonderful Gayatri, who is a Celebrity Stylist, MUA,Salon Owner, Mother & a soap and cosmetic formulator. She is the power behind GIA Bath and Body Works. The creator of cute looking hand made soaps, body butters, shower gels,perfumes, body mists,lip balms, lotion bars, cup cake soaps etc…


Full Ingredient List

How to apply
Make a paste with 2 tbsps of the cleanser with Milk for dry skin and rosewater/ water for combination oily skin. Apply in a circular motion, leave on till dry and rinse off with warm water.

How the product looks like : A Powdered form with tiny granule sort of things….Smells that of herbs/grass – I love the smell especially if its all of natural/medicinal plants or hand picked products from nature



My experience using cleopatra mask

I have a combination skin and so, I mixed 2 tbs + water to make a thick paste and applied it all over my face, neck and shoulders. I avoided the under eye area. and I can say that it dries out pretty quickly, tightens the skin and once the pack is completely dried, Say (in about 8-10 minutes) ; I washed off the pack by gently massaging the pack onto the area in gentle circular motions and this gave a very good exfoliation to the areas..I concentrated more around the nose, chin and forehead area where I tend to get whiteheads easily. Within first 2 uses – You can see evident results- clear cut results of tan removal..This does wonders to my skin. My acne scars got reduced, I have a very bad, problematic sensitive skin- Surprisingly, Skin looks more radiant, acne free etc if used regularly. This product didn’t irritate my skin/ caused any breakouts…I am absolutely amazed by the results and now, I am on my second tub 🙂 I recommended this product to my friends in office  and they loved the stuffs too 🙂 I am really happy that my tan is all gone now. I use it twice a week. It smells very natural..no artificial ingredients are added which makes this a super star product. This is the best tan removal product that I have come across.

-completely chemical free
-no artificial smell or ingredient added
-handmade with love
-effective for sensitive skin people too
-this is a unisex product
-helps removal of tan – within 2 uses! evident results
-keep skin healthy and fresh ;
-gentle exfoliation-not harsh at all!
– tub is travel friendly

I am absolutely happy with this product and I will definitely repurchase this. Undoubtedly, I give this a rating 5/5 ; Must try product!

I recommend Gia Bath and Body Works to all my readers who love handmade products. For your Orders, Visit here Facebook Page here

Have you used Cleopatra Face Pack. What is your favorite Tan removal product

Hope you all liked the review…see ya in my next post!!!


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