#ChristmasGifts #Holiday2018 – Paul and Joe Beaute Holiday 2018 Collection

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Paul & Joe Beaute Holiday 2018 Collection

Injecting all the Parisian charm of her fashion collection into her cosmetics range, Sophie Mechaly’s adorable limited edition Holiday 2018 collections feature prints from her seasonal fashion line. With their bright colors, whimsical patterns, and fun-loving elegance, Paul & Joe Beaute is all about expressing the joie de vivre—the joy of life. Perfect for those who value creativity and self-expression, the brand’s luxurious textures, retro packaging, and sophisticated shades will have you feeling très très belle in no time. In this post, I am featuring some of the products from their holiday 2018 collection


Shesha Beauty x Ashtapathy Products | my new favourites + Some Ingredient Checklist

Tired after a long day at work????? While long stressful hours at work are part of our common schedule, I am totally against taking that stress home. I like to pamper myself with products that restore the freshness feel after I get back home. I got recently introduced to Ashtapathy products that are natural, chemical free and #MadeInKerala

Ashtapathy Ayurvedic products are prepared with pure and potent coconut oil as the base and several medicinal herbs through a 100% natural process. In today’s post I am introducing to you my new favorite soap and shampoos


Erno Laszlo Sensitive Cleansing Set Review

Erno Laszlo Sensitive Double Cleanse Travel Set | Review

Cleansing is one of the most important aspect of skincare. There are various types of cleansers – Cleansing Foams, Cleansing Oils, Cleansing Soaps, Cleansing Towelettes, Micellar Waters etc. Ever since I started using cleansing oils – I have never stopped using them.

People also ‘d have hundreds of doubts like – what exactly makes a cleansing oil just as good or better for the skin than a regular bar soap? Can people with oily skin use the product? Why doesn’t the oil clog our pores? etc. Well, Let me answer that question for you all – When massaged into the skin, oils in the cleanser bind to surface impurities (pulls out dirt and impurities without clogging pores) and allow them to be comfortably rinsed away leaving the skin surface clean, soft and hydrated. Cleansing oil does not sink into your pores since it works to remove impurities and then gets washed away. In today’s post I am reviewing a cleansing set which is specially formulated for sensitive skin – Erno Laszlo Sensitive Double Cleanse Travel Set

Erno Laszlo Sensitive Double Cleanse Travel Set review

Erno Laszlo Sensitive Double Cleanse Travel Set


Treats from Soap Square !!

Washing your face with the wrong kind of products can leave your face looking dull, wrinkled and tired. And this includes soap. Most of the soaps cannot be used on face because of the harsh chemicals present in them. While most soaps, that claim to be safe works perfectly well for the rest of your body, it might not suit your sensitive/acne prone skin type. Skin on your face is very delicate and can easily start looking damaged if proper products are not used. Last soap I remember using on my face was Clinique Soap which didn’t work for my face and I stopped using it halfway.

Two weeks back I received these handmade goodness from Soap Square. Soap Square is a organic and natural brand which make luxury handcrafted soaps.

Soap Square make the soaps with careful consideration for your skin’s needs using essential oils, glycerin and natural ingredients. These vegetarian soaps contain real fruit extracts and no parabens or petrochemicals were used in their production. You can choose from the wide variety of 100% herbal soaps to pamper your skin with!

In this post, I am reviewing 2 of the soaps I received – Peppermint with Aloe butter & French Lavender with Shea butter



LUSH Christmas Collection 2015 |Products, Price List, Launch Date etc

Hi beautiful girls…Can you girls believe its September already..very short time left for my favorite time of the whole year – yes, it’s the Christmas time! When you hear about Christmas -What’s the first thing that comes to your mind – Yummy yummilicious cakes, wine, gifts, Xmas tree, Secret Santa, Bells and of course Angels..

Some weeks back I got the opportunity to attend the LUSH Bizzare Christmas Collection at Roxy, Auckland. It was such a wonderful evening that day spend with some amazing blogger friends and ofcourse knowing the new launches and getting to try some of them etc. Every year Lush releases drool worthy limited edition goodies for sale, and this year they’ve maintained the environmental consciousness. Solid products are sold naked to minimise plastic packaging, there’s also biodegradable glitter, reusable box packaging, and scarves made from recycled plastic. A well thoughtful initiative, isn’t it?

In this post I am going to preview the entire Christmas collection, along with the price details etc and also some of the sneak peaks of the event and the goodie bag that  I received along with other products that were sent me me which are part Christmas Collection… This is going to be a picture heavy post. Capture (more…)

A very special gift!!!

Today’s post is really special to me…Its a lovely gift from a wonderul friend…If you are a regular reader of my blog- You might have guessed it by now – Yes, I am talking about Gia Bath & Body Works. You know from how long I have been using her products. All of her products have some magic in them and that keeps me from ordering more and more from her..From soaps to lotions to facial cleasers, body polishes – All her products are truly awesome. In this post – I am going to show you a very very valuable gift that I received from her. I have been a regular buyer and this gift is so so so special for me….I am a dreamer – Yes you guessed it right. Not many of you know that I love poetry. I always dream of lovely angels coming with an open ear. Hear all your tears – Calm all your fear… Yes , I received a beautiful cupid-angel shaped soap…

Gia Bath & Body Works : Valley Of Flowers Soap

Handmade Soaps are my absolute favorites these days. Not just the way how beautiful it looks, But the way it moisturizes and soothes skin is incredible. When it comes to these luxurious treats – Gia Bath & Body Works is my favorite like many of you out here. Today I am going to review Valley of Flowers Soap. What a beautiful name- Did this live up to my expectations- Read on to know more………..

Feel luxurious with Gia Bath & Body Works – Creme Silk Slice Soap

Hi dolls….Hope you girls are all doing awesome! Today I am back with a yummy looking soap’s review…I am really a hoarder for cute  looking bath and body treats…My online surfing for cute luxurious bath and body treats resulted in a huge Bath and Body haul from our very own Gayatri Brown’s – Gia Bath & Body Works…

I am absolutely in love with all of the products that i have tried from her…This includes Body whipped butters, Body polishing scrubs, yummylicious soaps…organic lipbalms etc…This is one soap that i received as token of love from Gayatri for ordering from her 🙂  I am reviewing Creme Silk Slice Soap today