I have a major crush towards handmade natural products. Ever since I got introduced to this jar of magic scrub from Gia Bath & Body Works, I am just hooked to the brand. There is not even a single product in their range that I dislike. I love all of their products. In today’s review I am sharing my experience using the best coffee scrub  I have ever tried – Gia Bath & Body Works Coffee Body Polish

Product Description ( taken from official website)

Tone your skin and reduce cellulite with our coffee body polish, Say goodbye to tan and uneven skin tone.
Made with Fine Coffee Specially sourced from southern India, Shea butter hydrates your skin as you exfoliate. Exfoliate. Lather. Rinse and you are good to go !!

Packaging & Price

Comes in this round plastic tub with a screw lid. Price : 590 INR or  14 NZD ; Wow..Common, 14 NZD for a jar of body polish ( 150 gm) without any nasty ingredients is just heaven! I find it really really affordable; Buy it here. One jar if used once a week can last up to 3-4 months depending on the usage.



Directions to UseIMG_7495

A little note from the creator and my dear friend about the formulation of body polishing scrubs

Our Body Polishing scrubs are made with finely milled sugars like turbinado and demerara. Providing gentle exfoliation to take away tan, dead skin and unclog pores. They are foaming scrubs with Cocoa butter. Shea butter, olive oil to moisturize your skin, yet leaving it squeaky clean and hydrated. You wont have to use a soap based cleanser once you have used our scrub.

My experience using this wonderful product


I have a great addiction to coffee. This picture was taken back during my stay in India. Now, I’ve emptied this jar of scrub over the course of several weeks, allowing me to fully experience the goodness and test to myself to see  whether it lived upto my expectation and its claims.

grrr, you guys must have guessed by this time from the title. It’s the best scrub ever! Well, Let me tell you why I love it. Before I write down about how it helped me. Let me just summarize some points about the importance of scrubbing or exfoliation of your body. Some of you might think Why even use a scrub for body ? Your skin regenerates itself fully every month or so, though most skin repair is done every night during sleep. In order to aid the healing process and promote healthy,radiant, skin – proper exfoliation is a must.

By removing dead skin cells and opening pores, you allow the exfoliant to deep clean and remove any stubborn entities–dirt, excess oil, blackheads, acne, in grown hairs, breakouts ,etc. I used to suffer from back acne and in grown hairs and that’s how I started investing on good body scrubs.

How I used this – I take about 2 tbl spoons for my entire body. I mix with a little water to make it a thick paste and then slowly apply it on my body. Concentrating on leg area, back of my chest area and  I gently scrub it in gentle motion, rub in swirling motion and repeat for about 2-3 minutes before I wash off using warm water. When ever I wax my leg area, I make it a habit to immediately exfoliate afterwards. This way, I got rid of  ingrown hairs.

What I really love about this is I never felt the need to moisturise my body after using it. My body felt really smooth and moisturised. Also, I love the coffee smell it has. Total love!

Have you tried any body polishing scrubs from Gia Bath & Body? Which is your favorite


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Sangeeta · November 4, 2015 at 9:14 pm

This sounds very nice. I have heard a lot about Gia products but never got around to trying them out. This seems like a perfect product to start with.

renjianooj · November 4, 2015 at 9:15 pm

YEah..it is 🙂 do try their best seller – Chocolate body polish as well

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