I never thought I would write a post like this. But, my instagram feed is overwhelmed with the ‘TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS’ post that are going viral. Reason being – Instagram is updating their algorithm and instead of showing your posts in chronological order, it’s to display a feed more similar to Facebook.

What is changing

First of all, let me tell you all of you – It’s not a rocket science thing. Putting in simple words- ‘Paid posts are shown at the top of the feed. In a way whoever follow your feed can click on a content on your feed if they like it. If they don’t like it – They can scroll right past that particular post. You have complete control on clicking and seeing what interests you.

The photos with more interactions will show up next in your feed. These pictures that turn up first on your feed are the most liked or viewed or commented posts and that’d be something interesting right? If you don’t like, you can scroll past it too.

Instagram will use the image detection and shows the photos which are beautiful but with less interaction next. Instagram’s goal is to create a wonderful, curated feed that is loved by everyone.

Now, the last pictures to appear would be those images with no captions, images that are grainy, non atractive atleast for the vast group of instagram audience who lean towards colorful, bright, eye-catchy images.

And that’s why Instagram is using it’s data from all the accounts to curate feeds to show you the posts that have maximum user interactions. and pushing less interesting stuffs (mainly the un-interesting giveaway posts or caption less blurry random images)

Why I decided I won’t ask my followers to ‘turn on notifications’

Main reason being – my account becomes a wild mess. So, does the other millions- 997979797979797 + users asking people to turn on the post notifications. Imagine, if you were to turn on post notification for the 300+ accounts you follow, and they all post thrice a day.that’s 900’s notifications on your phone at all hours, all time zones of the day. Users become angry with notifications and they are most likely to unfollow the accounts they follow. how good your feed is, or how beautiful your snaps are- nobody will like these notifications coming throughout the day and night. Also, my posts would be lost with hundreds of other notifications. Not only they get notifications when someone likes or comments on their photos, but also, when someone replies to comments they left on a post.. Annoying, it would be right. I myself ended up unfollowing so many accounts after this :/

My conclusion – Instead of my dream of my posts getting attention, it ends up buried in the notifications of several other accounts… Doesn’t help either ways!

How to deal with this

  • Unfollow the accounts that  you don’t interact regularly with – Scroll through your follower list, visit their accounts and see if their feed really interests you. Does their account have content that is something which is of your interests? if these questions answers ‘NO’ – Well, you know what to do – Unfollow 🙂
  • Like, Comment & Interact to the posts that catches your eye – The new Instagram algorithm is all about curating the stuff it think you will like. So, actually do ‘like‘ the posts you want to see more in your feed! So, instead of just posting pictures and promoting your brand or products on insta, Do interact with the people who follows you, take time to like and comment on their posts as well. This really help build your Instagram audience.
  • Post beautiful, clutter free flat lays and images – We all know the paid posts eventually tops every feed. For your everyday posts to be seen by everyone, concentrate on your picture quality. Stop using your cell phone camera, do click using your real camera. edit the pictures to increase the brightness, contrast levels. Applicable to all images except makeup FOTDS or swatches where you need the actual color to show up. Well, having said these all, I am not saying my instagram feed is perfect, I know it’s not. But, I am sure it’s not below average too. I always look for good lighting, good props and do regularly interact with my followers.
  • Post some ‘opinionated posts’ – Well, This is a very good idea to get more interaction and comments on your feed. Give your followers something to talk about. Ask them a question through your pictures. Post pictures with multiple options and ask their favorite or maybe their ideas, ask them to name the product or maybe as simple as asking ; what’s for dinner?’ Just get the people talking and the more they interact on your posts, the more likely your posts will appear higher on the algorithm.
  • Improve on Insta Tags & spend some time everyday interacting with followers – When was the last time you replied to a comment on your feed. Do you check your hash tags. While posting a picture, try writing in the tags relevant to the picture. Say for eg, If you are posting a lipstick picture ; try hashtags such as #lipstick #liplove #lipcolor #lotd #lipstickoftheday #lippielove #rougealevre #makeup #lipmakeup #liptattoo #lipsticks #lipstickreview #bestlipstick #pinklipstick #namemylipstick #lipswatch etc. These are very important because it reminds your followers to check your account. It drives new followers and new interactions. Also, tag the relevant brand while posting the product review images etc. Who knows- if the brand with million of followers repost your image tagging your account, you get a lot of likes and attention.

I hope you found these tips useful. Do you have any tips to share. I will talk about the Instagram photo ideas in my next article. Do share in your thoughts about this recent change in Instagram.


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Shampita TRL · March 31, 2016 at 1:28 am

So true, same reason why I have not followed the bandwagon. From past couple of days every post i see on Instagram is on turning on notification. Its quite irritating.

Nishu · March 31, 2016 at 8:04 am

Ahh..finally some sense ! That turn on post notifications got really annoying. Btw did you know instagram posted on their Twitter saying nothing in your feed is changing just as YET. So they didn’t deny it but it’s not happening as of today.
Great post Renji. I guess it’s time to improve my insta game ????

    makeupholicworld · March 31, 2016 at 4:19 pm

    yeah…true….I don’t find any major change in my insta feed..except for few ppl whom I follow, some ads appear….which deny to click….ur insta feed is lovely!!! <3

Artemis · March 31, 2016 at 9:48 am

thanks for this! I’m pretty useless with social media so this was very helpful

Lena | Lena Talks Beauty · March 31, 2016 at 6:35 pm

This was a fantastic post Renji!

Lana (crazybeautyland) · April 14, 2016 at 7:25 am

So glad you posted on this, it helped me understand the algorithm sooo much better

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