Do you have a rebellious hair? Are you looking for a frizz-free smooth hair? Well, this got to be the most requested post of all time. About my haircare routine. In this post- I will be talking about my favorite haircare products at the moment. I have been following this routine since over 6 months now and I have never changed it since then. Talking about my hair – I have a oily scalp and thick, naturally straight (sort of wavy towards the end) hair which is frizz-prone. I have never ever done any sort of chemical treatments for my hair. No colouring, highlights, straightening – nothing ! I never experiment with my haircare products too. It was first in long time that I decided to try this range from L’Oreal Paris after my hair stylist- during one of the hair cut sessions suggested me to try this range once. That’s how I decided to pamper my locks with L’oreal Paris Liss Unlimited range. This range introduces a complete haircare regime to control even the most unruly of locks. This post is not sponsored. I purchased all of the products by myself.

L’Oreal Paris Liss Unlimited Range is specially for rebellious hair.

L’oreal Paris claims – This shampoo purifies the hair and keeps it under control and feeling incredible to touch. Enjoy glossy, frizz-free looking hair result for up to 4 days. Use the complete range to get our best results on your hair.

Before I start talking about my experiences with each product. Here’s a picture of my real hair. Even without combing. Exactly how it looks

Such lovely looking products, isn’t it? The packaging feels luxurious with lilac shade and  ‘Liss Unlimited’ logo in silver & purple and L’Oreal logo on top! Let’s see whether they are beautiful in their performance too.

L’Oreal Professionnel Liss Unlimited Shampoo – INR 575 or USD $25.00 for 250 ml

L’Oreal Professionnel Liss Unlimited Shampoo is developed to give your hair the salon feel with every hair wash. The Oil Incel Technology is packed with the richness of argan oil and olive oil to give ultimate moisturisation while the Polymer AR technology combats excess hair humidity. The Polytensium technology which cleverly mimics the hair’s lost ceramids to give long lasting, defined smoothness.

If you are looking for a shampoo that provides nourishment to your hair and also take care of the frizz and smoothes your unmanageable hair – this is for you. It’s best suited for coarse and unruly hair. I use it weekly thrice.

I apply it evenly through my wet hair and lather and rinse it off well. Best way to apply this shampoo is mix a coin size of the shampoo with water and then apply to the hair roots and scalp. It lathers well when used in this way.  I follow up with a conditioner or a mask after towel drying my hair.

Packaging is great – Conveneint and easy to use. The sturdy plastic bottle is safe to travel with as well.

What makes it special – It’s enriched with Keratinoil complex technology
Pro-Keratin complex of amino acids and wheat protein mimic the hair’s natural keratin structure to instantly strengthen and protect hair. Kukui Oil and Evening Primrose oil controls frizz and smoothes hair.

Keratinoil Complex – improves and maintains hydration of the hair, strengthens its structure and leaves it soft and shiny.

Kukui Nut Oil – From Asia, this nut is pressed from the seeds of the aleurites moluccana tree, which oil contains omega-6 and omega-3, providing a reinforced protection against humidity.

L’oreal Professionnel Liss Unlimited Masque – INR 675 or USD $33.00 for 196 g

This luscious smoothing hair mask nourishes, smoothes and protects your hair against humidity. Shine is enhanced and control is regained. Consists Kukui Oil and Evening Primrose oil controls frizz and smoothens your tresses and makes your rebellious hair manageable

L’oreal Professionel Liss unlimited Masque is enriched with Keratinoil complex technology and Pro-Keratin complex of amino acids and wheat protein that mimics the hair’s natural keratin structure to instantly strengthen and protect hair. While, the Kukui Oil and Evening Primrose oil controls frizz and smoothens your tresses.

Tub packaging makes it a little inconvenient to use it in the shower. Wish it had a tube packaging.  I usually scoop out the product needed using a clean spatula.

This hair masque is specially formulated for  difficult to manage – frizzy hair. This hair treatment has been designed to detangle, deeply moisturize and add volume and control. I don’t have a conditioner from the same range. I decided to go with the masque. I leave it on my towel dried hair for about 10 minutes and then rinse off . I love how it deeply conditions my hair. My hair felt silky and smooth after using this. I use it only twice a week or sometimes once a week when my hair is more manageable. Else, I just use the shampoo alone followed by the serum.

L’oreal Professionnel Liss Unlimited Evening Primerose oil – INR 650 or USD $20.00 for 125 ml

Shiny, manageable hair is what you’ll get with the L’Oreal Liss Unlimited Evening Primrose Oil. It fights frizz and makes hair manageable and controlled. This serum contains Reflexium that covers hair with light film that is water soluble, making your hair look good without weighing it down. This serum brings ultimate shine and smoothness to the hair.

– Can be used on washed hair
– Ideal for thick and frizzy hair
– Smoothens and adds shine to your hair

L’Oreal Liss Unlimited Evening Primrose Oil’s consistency is similar to to that of a regular hair serum. Once it’s absorbed on the hair, it feels super soft. It makes the hair bouncy by adding a little more volume to your hair. I really like how it adds bounciness to the hair. Especially, I have heard a lot of people saying their hair serum make their hair look flat, oily and thin. I tried this hair serum on my wet hair as well as on dry hair. This serum is very light-weight. doesn’t make your hair greasy or oily at all. Also the lock-in dispenser makes it easy to travel with.  I dispense about a pump of this serum and apply it on my hair starting from middle of my hair towards the roots. It miraculously controls fizziness and tames fly aways as well.  This serum adds a beautiful shine too.

L’Oreal Professionnel Liss Unlimited Thermo Cream – INR 525 or USD $27.00

Tame the frizz and get soft, manageable hair with the L’oreal Professionel Liss unlimited cream. Designed specially to tame dry and frizzy hair, it has nourishing ingredients that smoothen the tresses out. It also have hair fiber protecting ingredient that protects your mane against heat exposure.

I use it only on special occasions (hahah , less than 3-4 times a year! ) when I want to blow dry my hair. This is like a leave-in cream and you can experience a unique blow-drying treatment which leaves your hair silky smooth and protected. It also protects the hair from heat-damage.

L’Oreal Professionnel Smooth Liss Control + – INR 525 or USD 27.00

Just a swipe of L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Smooth Liss Control Serum will turn your unmanageable and frizzy tresses to smooth tamed locks. The ultimate frizz control serum from L’Oreal which can be used after shampooing your hair or whenever your hair need that extra dose of shine!

– Provides long lasting shine.
– Provides intense moisturization for silkier hair.
– Comes in a convenient travel friendly bottle.

I use both this and L’oreal Professionnel Liss Unlimited Evening Primerose oil alternately. Both can be used as leave-in hair serums. I love to use it on both wet  and dry hair. I take a pump of the product and rub a few pumps from the middle of my hair and work through the lengths of towel-dried hair. Blow-dry smooth or leave to dry naturally. Tresses feel very soft, silky to touch, shiny, super smooth and bouncy.

Love my hair #AtTheMoment


Now, some of you might ask – Whether I use any anti-dandruff products. I don’t have dandruff issues. But, I sometimes get itchy scalp. I use anti-dandruff products on my hair for a hair pampering session once every month. At the moment, I am liking L’Oreal Paris Ever Fresh Range. I will do detailed reviews after using it for more months.

About oiling hair –  I use virgin coconut oil mixed with few drops of castor oil, rosemary essential oil and almond oil on my hair once a while. While travelling, I use Forest Essentials hair oil and  I massage the oil all over my hair and wrap my hair in a hot dried towel. After about 30-45 minutes – I wash off using shampoo and conditioner.

About any DIY hair masks that I like  – Here is a very effective DIY hair mask that helps to grow your hair faster.

Ingredients – Mustard is very effective ingredient of various homemade hair masks and treatments that can efficiently help stimulate hair growth. Hair masks with the use of mustard powder have slightly heating effect; when applied on the roots of your hair, this type of hair mask helps stimulate hair follicles and boosts blood circulation in your scalp, thus, accelerating your hair growth.

Please note – mustard is a very powerful ingredient and, if used the wrong way, it can lead to scalp dryness, irritation and, even, dandruff. If you have sensitive skin on your scalp or any kind of allergy or bruises/wounds/injuries/sores/cuts on your head, avoid doing any hair treatments with the use of mustard. To check whether this hair mask is for you – Here’s a little test – mix a tiny bit of mustard powder with a little bit water and apply it on your inner wrist and see your body’s reaction

  • it’s normal, if you’ll feel slight tickling – this is because of mustard heating effect.
  • if you’ll see big irritation and extreme redness, these masks aren’t for you.

How to make this hair mask  – mix all of these ingredients together. Adjust ingredients according to your hair length.
– 1 tbl spn of plain yogurt
– 1 tbl spn of organic honey
– 1 tbl spn of lemon juice
– 1 tbl spn of yellow mustard powder

How to use – Part your hair and massage the mask into the roots of your hair, put on a shower cup and then, cover your head with a towel; leave the mask on your head for about 20-30 minutes, then, shampoo and condition, as usual.   Please note – it’s absolutely normal, if you’ll feel slight tickling – this is because of mustard heating effect.

Overall, I love these products and  I will continue using them. These are one of the best Anti-Frizz products available. Enriched with Pro-Keratin and Kukui & Evening Primrose Oils, the Liss Unlimited hair care range purifies both hair & scalp, and provides up to 4 days anti-frizz effect, even in high levels of humidity. Tame your rebellious hair today by trying this range. You can buy this entire range from Amazon, Nykaa and salons worldwide.

Have you tried Liss Unlimited range from L’Oreal Professional ? If yes, Do you like the range ?

** Products are not sponsored. I purchased all of this myself. Amazon link is an affiliate link.