People were obsessed with facial, beauty products, makeup products for healthy and glowing skin – still they are. But now a new storm has come in the market and its focus will be on wellness and health. Jade roller, quartz are becoming popular day by day. And now gua sha too.

You may have heard about this stone but here are some points and factors which you should know before using it. Gua sha stone has numerous benefits for your skin plus this enhances the elasticity and makes your skin young and healthy inside out. So in this post, I would be covering all essential factors of gua sha such as its benefits, risks, usage and a complete guide.

What Is Gua Sha? All You Need to Know About Gua Sha

What is gua sha?

Gua sha is a natural stone and a traditional therapy of East Asian and Chinese medicine. It is an old technique to scrap the skin with massage tools to improve blood circulation. This Chinese technique approaches better health and chronic pain.

Massage tools are used to apply pressure and scrap the skin to relieve stress and pain.

Chi and qi is the energy that flows through the body and it should be moved freely to ensure health. But due to tension and stress, these energies get blocked and gua sha stone frees the blocked energy to relieve stress and muscle tension. Gua sha helps to release stagnated blood that can be an another reason of pain and disease.

Uses of gua sha

The most common use of gua sha is for relieving joint and muscle pain. Back Pain and strain are some of the disorders which can be treated by this tool.

It also helps to treat inflammation and benefits the immune system. This is also used for facial massage to enhance elasticity and reduce aging signs. Gua sha improves the appearance of skin and gives a more bright and glowing complexion.

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Benefits of gua sha?

Studies have proved that gua sha has numerous benefits for skin and body. It helps to reduce inflammation and enhances the muscles’ elasticity. It reduces the pain and stress level, especially for arthritis patients. So, here are the mind blowing benefits of gua sha stone:

Relieves tension and facial stress

Gua sha relieves the stress and facial tension with the ancient massage therapy. It improves the circulation of blood and helps in moving the energy smoothly so that skin appearance will improve. Having jaw pain and muscle stress on the brow can be relieved by this tool. And thereby prevents wrinkles and premature aging-signs.

Improves appearance

It helps to improve the appearance of the skin because it tightens the muscles and makes skin more healthy and glowing. Gua sha helps to bring oxygen into the skin so that your skin complexion will improve overall. Oxygen and proper blood flow ensure collagen production and reduce Hyperpigmentation.

Minimizes puffiness

Lack of sleep, acne, eczema and high blood pressure leave the puffiness around the eyes and dull complexion. The direction movements of the massage tool and pressure applied on the skin helps to reduce the puffiness around eyes and skin.

Efficacy of skincare products

Gua sha massage therapy helps to absorb the skincare products like serums, creams and facial oils more deeply into the skin. And complete absorption means the more beneficial and better results.

Risk of using gua sha

As it is a natural healing therapy, it is ultimately safe to use. Its therapy is not painful but this can change your appearance for sure.

People with acne and breakouts are not supposed to be the candidates for it. The regular scraping and rubbing may increase the breakouts and acne.

People who have any surgery within the last few months then don’t go for it. Sensitive skin and clotting skin should avoid this otherwise it can burst tiny blood vessels which results in bleeding.

On first use, it can result in red and purple skin due to breakage of tiny blood vessels. But it can heal within a few days. Apply the ice pack to treat it fast.

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How to use gua sha for Massage?

Gua sha can be used daily after following the beauty regime. You need to follow this in the morning before taking shower or at night before going to bed. Just after following the skincare routine you can massage with it to efficacy the products. But here is the exact technique which you should follow for quick and better results:

  • Apply some oil for smooth functioning
  • Press the stone all over your neck, face and collar bone
  • Gently press and hold the stone under eyes and over each eye
  • Start from the neck then go up to the forehead
  • Angle at 45 degrees in the direction of movement
  • Use rounded strikes for forehead, cheekbones and lips
  • Use a double stroke on the throat and jawline.

This tool is somehow like a jade roller and the same massage technique is going to be applied here. While massaging with gua sha you may have seen some redness. But don’t be scared of it. It is believed that the redness is known as ‘sha’ in Chinese technique – the healing response of the Massage tool. The amount of redness (sha) depends on your skin type and its sensitivity.

Bottom line

I hope you found this helpful and now eager to use it. After knowing the amazing benefits and easy way to use gua sha you will be super excited to try this out. I don’t recommend this for teenagers as you don’t need any massage therapy, just follow a simple CTM routine. When you reach your mid-20s you should include this in your daily skincare regimen.

My top recommendations – YBP gua sha and e’clat gua sha are the recommended brands. For cleaning the gua sha, you just need to wash it under the tap running water and wipe it with a soft towel and keep it in a safe and soft place to protect it from scratch.

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