Green Trends Unisex Hair & Style Salon, Hyderabad – Store Review

The feet are under a lot of pressure. They are the key to mobility, and that’s why foot care is so important. There are several reasons to indulge yourself in a healthy & hygienic  pedicure – You might be wondering, Why am I stressing on hygienic  as well as healthy – Reason is simple – These days nail salons can be a jungle of bacteria, viruses and fungus all waiting to infiltrate your nails, hands etc. One would love to go for a pedicure session for healthy feet, for relaxation, for pampering. Since our feet carry us everywhere, it’s especially important to care for them. Regular pedicures are great for the removal of dead skin and calluses. Having said all this, It’s equally challenging to find a good, clean, spacious, salon that offers a wide range of services to uplift your mood. Greentrends Salon in Hyderabad contacted me for a complimentary service – I opted for a relaxing pedicure session. To know whether greentrends salon exceeded my expecations or not, Continue reading….