YBP Plant Remedy – A miraculous skin potion for all skintypes

My lovely readers, how I missed writing altogether. This Quarantine life really hit me bad I’d say. On the day lockdown was announced my laptop crashed and I couldn’t do anything but, wait until I get a replacement laptop or recover my files. Finally I am able to blog! Wonderful feeling indeed. I know some of you missed me here. But thanks to my amazing virtual friends to connect with me via social media. Extremely thankful to all of you.

Today’s review is all about a magic skin potion that I absolutely adore. When I say this, I really mean it. There are only a handful of products that I repurchase over and over again. You’d know why I love this so much by the end of this post. Before we jump straight into my review, I want to take you all through this amazing product details and formulation. Let’s discuss in detail about its ingredients as well.