Max Factor Colour Effect Flipstick

Hi dearies….
I bought an awesome lipstick from Maxfactor 🙂
Max Factor Colour Effect Flipstick in the shade Gypsy Red

Let me share the cute snaps first

What do Maxfactor claim about this wonder product

Max Factor lets you push the boundaries of lip colour with its innovative double-ended design.
Colour Effect Flipstick features one rich and creamy colour and one lighter, iridescent lipstick shade.
The colour combinations were expertly matched by Max Factor make up artists and the super-blendable formula lets you create your look with ease. You can wear each colour alone, blended together, one on each lip, or apply the second shade just to the centre of your lip.
This season it’s all about lip artistry so get experimenting!

Packaging and Price
I bought mine from Superdrug for 6.49GBP( Original Price is 8.49GBP)
Shell life: 36 months

Other shades that are available are 
5 Bloomy Pink
Bloomy Pink

25 Salsa Red
Salsa Red
35 Swingy Brown
Swingy Brown

10 Folky Pink
Folky Pink
30 Gipsy Red
Gypsy Red

15 Boreal Mauve
Boreal Mauve

I took the shade Gypsy red…See the swatches below….


I really really like the shade…
These are super super pigmented and I was infact not expecting such color payoff from a drugstore lipstick.
These are long wearing too 🙂 I just had to touch up after eating..:) I love the lasting power…
The color is super duper cute:) goes well with every skin tone…
Packaging is amazing… 🙂 
It don’t have any cosmetic kind of harsh smell to it…But, still it smells lipsticky..ehhehe :))
It has shimemr to it….
It is designed to give that glam kind of look to your lips…

Hope you guys enjoyed:)
I really really like this….and would try other shades too 🙂 

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