Hello gorgeous ladies out there!!! Are you a busy person like me…Are you not getting time to go to parlour or Are you lazy like me to step out of the house on a weekend to do waxing!! Are you the kind of Person who never gets satisfied by the way waxing is done by parlour lady…Do you think Parlour lady hurts you too much!!! Then, this DIY is dedicated to you…In the comfort of your own sweet home, you can now do the waxing…Follow these simple rules to make your own Wax for hair removal @ Home!!!
Now, you might ask me…Why do we need to make it..Why can’t we use any Hair removal creams available in stores…Well, mine is a super sensitive skin and I am allergic to all the available hair removing creams…(Tried and tested)……So, finally I figured this DIY steps on internet and thought to share this!!!
DIY : Make your own Hair Removal Wax at Home

How to make

  1. Mix the honey, sugar and lemon together and put it in a sauce pan over the stove, but make sure it does not boil-for 1-2 minutes(stir in between to ensure your wax does not burn) 
  2. Let it cool down until the temperature is comfortable enough to place on your skin without burning. Consistency as that of a thick honey…
Steps to Use
  1. You need strips of fabric to place on the the wax to rip it off so use old t-shirts, cotton cloth etc
  2. Apply a thin layer of the wax onto your desired area in the same direction as the hair growth and immediately apply your strip of fabric to the area.
  3.  Press down on the fabric and over the wax to make sure it’s bonded.
  4. Gently pull your skin taut and pull off the fabric in a quick motion, opposite the direction of the hair growth.
    How to Store

    Since the wax is a sugar mixture, clean up is easy with some water and soap. MAke sure you apply a good moisturiser after waxing!!
     Cover the lid of the container with the wax and store it in your refrigerator. To reuse the wax, either microwave or run hot water over the container until the wax becomes pliable.

    A Quick Tip: If the mixture is too runny, Add more sugar and heat until desired consistency is reached

    Hope this post is helpful!!!

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    Aarthi · July 22, 2013 at 8:28 am

    I know a ‘kutti’ parlour near my place where they make this wax for hair removal and my skin feels so nice after waxing and it takes long time for the hair to grow back ! I always go there just for my waxing 🙂

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