DIY – Chocolate Face Pack for a Chocolate Facial at Home

Hi dearies…..

Hope you are all doing good…
I actually wish to start a DIY section on my blog….What do you say…
Today I wish to actually tell you how to make a Chocolate Face Pack….
We all enjoy the yummy taste of Choclates..ain’t we?
have you ever thought Chocolates are good for your skin 🙂
Yes they are…Dark chocolate facial masks have been used since the days of Cleopatra.

Chocolate Powder has 955 Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity; Chocolates are rich in Anti Oxidants. Anti Oxidants help fight the free radicals which are responsible for many skin issues such as ageing.

There are plenty of products that contains Chocolate which claim to 
rejuvenate the skin by reducing signs of ageing…Here I am going to teach you how to make your own Chocolate Face Pack at home

lets get started…I prefer to prepare the mask instantly and apply.. So Only take the quantity to cover your face.

Things needed for the DIY

1. A Chocolate Bar(Preferrably Dark Chocolate)
2. 3  tbl spoon of Salt(balance this according to the amount of bar u take; if you take a small bar; u need a very little salt)
3. 1/3 of milk( to make the pack runny enough to apply; consistency should be met enough to be applied as a pack)

How to prepare

Chocolate Bar should be melted..Just place it in a steel bowl and hold it towards the fire for 2 minutes, It will start melting; you dont need to actually keep this on fire..:D
once chocolate is melted; Add the required amount of salt and finally the milk; (Remember not to pour too much milk; Or you cant apply it as a mask)
Make sure the batter is not too hot before applying onto the face

Chocolate facial will remove dry and dead skin present on the surface of the skin.. It unclogs the pores allowing the skin to breath easier while removing excess oils, This pack can be used by dry skinned as well as oily skinned beauties…You skin will be more even toned and supple after the use…

Chocolate facial makes the skin appear younger by making it more hydrated.. I listed the basic ingredients to make this facial; If you like you can mix few drops of honey and a spoon of oats too 🙂 
Oatmeal helps deep clean your skin, exfoliating dead skin cell build up. Honey is a natural detoxifier and helps open pores and remove bacteria; I have not  included this as some of u might be allergic to these; So make sure you use it and pair it with the ingredients which are non allergic to you…

This is also great for skin…All these are easily available from your kitchen:)
Gud Luck ladies….try this and tell me results; You can put on the mask avoiding your eye area; apply all over the face and neck area avoiding eye area 
Now just relax and listen to the music and take rest for 15 minutes or till the mask dries out…Now you can wash of your face using luke warm water by gently scrubbing the mask over your face by using hands or mask remover brush..Apply a mild moisturiser; Make sure you dont go to direct sunlight after the facial 🙂

Hope you liked this.. 🙂
I am attaching the pictures too :))Enjoy dearies..tell me the results once u try this :))

Note: Even though its mouthwatering to see the chocolate; Don’t dare to eat it..hehehe:)) Dnt forget We have added salt to it…

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