MAC Spirit lipstick- Review, Swatches and LOTD

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Hey my pretties <3

Hope everyone is in good SPIRITs today ^_^ I will be at least be discussing SPIRITs all throughout this post so its important I tell u 😀 confused? Yupp that’s my intention 😛 soo what spirit is this? The ghosty ones? Nope *sigh of relief*, the alcoholic ones? *ram ram never -_-* this is a beautiful creation of MAC *_* a creamy smooth neutral beige lipstick- 
MAC Spirit lipstick- Review, Swatches and LOTD
Confusion cleared? Lets move on…….

 What MAC says about this

Spirit is described as being a *muted pinky-beige brown* in satin finish J

 Packaging & Price:
Price- 990/- INR for Qty: 3gm ****permanent line

More pictures

This is how it looks on my lips 

 Swatch & my take on MAC Spirit Lipstick

The lipstick being of the permanent range comes in a typical classy MAC packaging- black and silver with a sleek body and sturdy tight cap 

The texture and finish is one of the favorite ones for those of us who love lustres and cremesheens- satin <3 it is indeed satin-y smooth, applying smoothly even on dry lips without being too glossy or overly creamy. For even matte lipstick lovers satin finishes remain a favorite for the unique finish they lend.

The color described by MAC is sadly not I agree to :-/ I hardly find any pink here! It’s a very smooth lovely polished beigy rose brown which suits an amazing wide range of complexions ranging through fair-medium-dusky beauties 😀 seriously I have rarely seen a safer muted lippie than Spirit *_*

The pigmentation is great and hardly a couple of swipes give an opaque color, concealing minor imperfections and pigmentation for ladies with heavier lip pigmentation issues can always fill in their lips with a nude lip pencil before application 😀

Lasts for a decent 4-5 hours on my lips along with food and drinks.  it does not dry out my lips either *a complaint I have heard commonly about satin finishes* but note that I do not, in general have dry lips; do use a lip balm underneath!


  • Sleek and convenient MAC black and silver packaging which is easy to carry 
  • Comes in satin finish- which is smooth yet not overly creamy or glossy so matte lovers will also love the classic finish 
  • A lovely neutral beigy rosy brown which ladies of all complexions can carry off amazingly well 😀
  • Great pigmentation and a couple of swipes is enough to get opaque color 
  • Lasts a decent time of 4-5 hours withstanding food and drinks 
  • Does not dry out my lips 
  • Yummy vanilla fragrance!
In the harsher winter months it does have a tendency to settle in the fine lines of lips if not properly prepped or primed :-/

My rating– 4/5 

Do I recommend?
Yet another from the huuuge MAC family of nudes to join my collection and rapidly on the way of becoming 1 of my favorites * nobody can yet beat Cosmo or Mehr*. A beautiful universally neutral beige rose with a hint of brown to lend the classic polished look without making you look old or washed out or ill *_* definitely recommended that you check it out once if you are on the mission of a perfect neutral shade!
That’s it from me today gorgies 😀 hope to see you all super soon…. till then keep smiling and stay gorgeous! <3

Makeupholic World: You look absolutely gorgeous baby!! as always! great review as always!!! and ya you have got such an awesome MAC collection baby
Keep them coming!!

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