Hi makeupholics….Hope you all doing good….Here in today’s post I am going to do a comparison post of Original Urban Decay Naked 3 to a fake Naked 3 from Tmart. This post will also help you to identify original palette. IMG_2645

To start off with, see the two palettes below, Look at the size comparison of the boxes. The original one is big compared to the smaller dupe.


The original palette’s outer carton box’s flip side gives you a unique code whereas dupe’s didn’t. Original palette’s flip side cover mentions the details of primer samples that  comes along with the palette whereas dupe don’t have any such details…


In the below image you can see original palette is much wider compared to dupe. “URBAN DECAY” is written in big fonts and that side of the packaging is a lil spongey type.


Here in the below picture, First is the original and one below it is the dupe. Original has more of a rosey tint to its metal case whereas dupe doesn’t have that. In original, the “Naked 3, Urban Decay” is embossed in golden whereas its bronzey in dupe.


On opening, Here is how the shades look.




have a look at the original Urban Decay double ended brush and the dupe one. Dupe one has a flat end on one side and a fluffy end on the other side…


Now, Lets see the pigmentation of the shades and comparison to that of original Naked 3. In the swatches below, the order is L-R : original,dupe…..original ,dupe etc





As you can see from the swatches, none of the shades are closest match and also dupe one lacks pigmentation.

Have a look at the picture below. the one above is the original and one below touching the flat surface is the dupe. Dupe palette’s metal case looks cheaper whereas original is very sturdy.


You can read my review of original Urban Decay Naked 3  Palette here ;

If you are planning to buy Urban Decay Naked 3, make sure you are buying from the right source…These differences I listed above will aid you in selecting the original palette.

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