The key to clear, problem free skin is a “clean skin”. I have used several face cleansing brushes in the past. While most of them claim to be for sensitive skin, it’s very harsh even with the sensitive brush head too. First cleansing brush I tried was from Sigma, Read my review here . It gave me a lot of breakouts and it didn’t suit my sensitive skin.

Today I am going to share my experience using Remington Facial Cleansing brush. I have answered most of the queries in a Q/A form. I hope you find this review helpful.

Remington Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush

“Reveal your naturally beautiful skin”


It’s designed to work with all skin types. Remington Facial Cleansing brush is a rotating and vibrating kind of brush and is 10X times more effective than a manual cleanse.

The brush itself is pale green in color. Sleek and stylish. Remington understands that no two skin types are the same, which is why this advanced device includes three interchangeable heads – Normal for an everyday deep cleanse, Sensitive for gentle daily cleansing and Massage to revitalise dull and tired skin. Further, three adjustable cleansing speeds allow you to completely tailor your cleanse experience to the needs of your skin. IMG_8534





What do you get



I started using the sensitive brush head daily since two months now and have found this to be great at removing my waterproof makeup excess and and also deep cleanse my pores. Having a sensitive skin is no joke. You’d always be extra cautious. I was a little worried about breakouts as I experienced initial breakouts in the past from other similar facial cleansing brushes. So, I decided to start using the sensitive brush head.


About the device
The Remington Facial Cleansing Brush features a slim design making it comfortable to hold and easy to use. The brush head features dual action rotating and vibrating technology to optimise the cleansing process.

What are its features ?
This beauty tool complete with a one-minute timer, which gently pulses every 20-seconds to help you move from one area of the face to another for deep, thorough cleansing of the skin. With 3 speeds, you can also select your preferred setting to ensure you are in complete control at all times. Another impressing part about this device is , once fully charged, it can be used up to 30 times. It is completely shower proof and washable. For complete ease, the addition of a unique LED light around the brush head during use helps to illuminate the face to easily spot impurities With this, there’s no excuse for skipping a daily cleanse routine.

How harsh are the brush heads and how to change them ?
Now, you must be thinking, How are the brush heads- Are they harsh on skin ? The normal brush head have bristles similar to those on a very soft toothbrush. The sensitive head is way too softer! and the massage brush head has little silicone nubbins.  Changing the brush heads is easy – Just pull the default brush head off the handle and slowly put the new head into place. The heads come with clear cover protectors. Brush head should be changed every 3 months.

What to expect when you start using this brush
Also, it’s quite common if your skin gives breakouts in the inital one week of usage. If the skin is red or peeled or broken, stop using it. I personally love the fact that I can use this in the shower as it is waterproof ; My most favorite brush head is the massage head, I find it to be really relaxing when I massage the face area after removing my makeup.

What products should I use it with?
You can use your favorite cleanser or a gentle face wash. Also, you can use it twice or thrice a week depending on your skin type. With the brush heads – Sensitive and normal you can also try using a gentle exfoliator. go on and experiment with your favorite cleansing products and find out which suits your skin the best.. I use a soft cleanser such as trilogy cleansing cream for massaging. Avoid using cleansers with any particles or grits on it as it can damage the silicone heads.

How it helped my skin ?
My skin felt smoother and clear after using this and this helped skincare products absorbs quickly onto my skin.

Can I use it if I have acne or will it suit sensitive skin
There are 3 speed settings and a sensitive brush head in the package. Which means- the sensitive brush ehad can be used in lowest speed to give you the gentle most cleansing in a most effective way. You can try for yourself the tolerance level of your skin and confirm whether it gives any breakouts or redness or any other issues after using.  It’s not recommended to be used on inflamed acne or burns or wounds. If you are someone who undergoes any treatments for skin, such as for eczema or microdermabrasion or chemical peels- be extra cautious while using this. This might irritate the skin.When I use my PMD device, I stop using this for initial 2-3 days of treatment and resume my use once my skin redness is gone, I gently massage using the sensitive brush head in medium speed for about a minute on each side.


Summing up the features of this

  • 3x Brush heads included: Normal, Sensitive & Massage
  • Removes impurities trapped in the pores which can prevent skincare products from absorbing properly & working their best
  • Advanced Cleansing to reveal naturally beautiful skin
  • Dual action Rotating and Vibrating brush head
  • One minute timer with gentle pulse every 20 seconds for thorough cleansing
  • 3 Cleansing Speeds
  • LED lights around brush head give a soft glow onto the skin whilst cleansing
  • Up to 30 uses from one charge
  • Showerproof & Washable

Here is my no filter selfie after using Remington Cleansing brush. I am also doing Micro dermabrasion treatments to heal acne scars. I never faced any problem of breakouts after using the brush. Totally in love!nofilterselfie


Retails for NZD $159.99 ; All Remington products come with either a two-year, three-year or five-year manufactures warranty and are available from all leading electrical retailers.

Overall, it’s a great brush different from the other brushes in the market. I have seen sensitive brush heads to be very harsh in other brands, This on the other hand is super soft. I wish they had a brush head for body too. I know NZD $159.00 is a little too much for a cleansing brush. But, its totally worth it. You can literally see the chamge

If you live in New Zealand; You can buy it here

** Product sent by brand PR. However, my review is honest and unbiased as always.



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Chaicy Style A Pastiche · February 22, 2016 at 6:30 pm

That was a very detailed review, I’ve always wanted to try out a facial cleansing brush and I’ll ask my cousins in NZ to get this one for me. Glad it lived up to the promise.


Style.. A Pastiche!

Harman · February 23, 2016 at 3:24 pm

Facial brushes seem so good. I have eczema on the face though so not sure if they will be for me 🙂 I like how detailed your review is. Much love xx

    makeupholicworld · February 25, 2016 at 3:48 pm

    hi…These ones however didnt give me any breakouts…I have used mirenesse pebblesonic, sigma brush,. magnitone an clarisonic mia in the past…if i compare this to those…only mirenesse and this remington suited my everything gave breakouts initially…and i got scared to continue using it see if it disappeared…

Lisha@HeartBowsMakeup · February 23, 2016 at 7:14 pm

This sounds amazing. I’ve always wanted to try facial brushes!

Sangeeta · February 23, 2016 at 11:27 pm

I really want to try one of these cleansing brushes. They sound amazing.

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