Glowing and bright skin is a dream of everyone out there but not everybody is born with flawless skin. Our skin produces melanin naturally that gives the color to our skin. Pollution, sun exposure and dirt add to our skin and develop dullness. There are many ingredients, natural remedies and natural products that can get back your brightness. Here we are talking about every possible way to get bright and glowing skin.

Dark and pigmented skin are often caused by a lot of reasons such as:-

  • Overexposure to the sun
  • Pollution and dirt
  • Poor lifestyle and stress
  • Overuse of makeup

Try to avoid these mistakes otherwise it will lead to pigmentation, blemishes, acne then acne scars and other skin concerns.

Ayurvedic skin brightening treatment products

In Ayurveda, nature has powerful herbs that help us to maintain our physical, mental and emotional balance. Ancient teachings of Ayurveda have been applied in Shesha Ayurveda skin brightening products which removes dark spots, dullness, acne scars and pigmentation. So let’s know about some of the best products which can make your skin glowing and dewy.

Kasturi Manjal

Kasturi manjal or musk turmeric is totally natural and this comes in powder form. It is extremely rare and gives a cooling effect to your skin. It does a great job in clearing out the acne scars, blemishes, spots and dullness. It brightens the overall complexion with regular use.

Kumkumadi Thailam

‘Kumkumadi’ name comes from the ‘saffron’ because of being the main ingredient. This is an oil, helps to improve skin texture & brighten the skin. Kumkumadi Thailam fades acne marks, blemishes and pigmentation. It helps to brighten up the skin because of having rich ingredients like saffron, Usiira, Kaliya, Laksha, Chandana, Patmaka, Manjistha and goat milk.

Nalpamaradi Thailam

This is a miracle oil which makes your tan and dull skin bright and glowing. Nalpamaradi Thailam is a distinctive mixture of four barks. It helps to fade out dark spots, scars, blemishes and best for skin brightening.

Natural face pack

Shesha Ayurveda has a wide variety of face packs for different skin concerns. Kasturi manjal, Multani Mitti Facial Ubtan, Kumkumadi Suvarna Ubtan and Yellow Kasturi Manjal are great for skin brightening. Shesha Ayurveda face wash powder also helps to get rid of tan and pigmentation.

Also, check Kumkumadi skin brightening kit (combo of 5)  for all skin types. Regular use of these products will brighten the skin and help to get rid of dark spots, acne scars, blemishes and pigmentation.

Home remedies to get bright skin

These home remedies will help you to get rid of pigmentation, dark spots and acne scars. You will reclaim toned skin by treating a number of easy and effective remedies. Bright skin can be achieved by fading acne scars, blemishes and dark spots.

#1 Oranges

Orange has powerful Vitamin C and lactic acid. These ingredients are natural skin brightening and lightening agents.

How to use?

Make a thick paste of orange peel powder and yogurt. Apply this paste and leave it for 15 minutes then wash off with warm water.

#2 Tomatoes

Tomato contains lycopene which helps to reduce dark spots, scars and blemishes and thereby brighten the skin. If you want skin brightening treatment at home easily then go for it.

How to use?

Make tomato paste and add a few drops of lemon juice, apply it to your face and wash off after 15 minutes.

#3 Turmeric

The antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory turmeric reduces acne, pigmentation, spots and scars. This is used by our ancestors as the most effective natural ingredient.

How to use?

Mix turmeric and water to make a paste. Apply this paste for 15 minutes then wash it off.

#4 Honey

Honey contains bioactive ingredients and alpha-hydroxy acid which helps to remove dark spots and the appearance of pigmentation on your skin.

How to use?

Mix honey and a few drops of lemon and evenly apply it to your face for 15 minutes. Wash it off with normal water.

#5 Pure rose water

Pure rose water acts as a mild astringent on your skin. It soothes the irritated skin. Hence, it also helps to brighten your skin and tighten the pores as well. Use Shesha Ayurveda pure rose water, fresh Kannauj roses are steam distilled to make it 100% pure rose water.

How to use?

Spray it onto the face or apply it with a cotton pad. This can be also applied with any face pack.

Note:- Natural products and home remedies can also be allergic and cause a burning sensation. So please do a patch test before using any product or remedy.

Skin Brightening Beauty Tips

If you want bright and glowing skin forever then these tips are a must. This will not solely build your skin clear however additionally healthy. Common things that we ignore are listed below:-

#1 Take proper sleep

When we wake up in the morning our skin looks glowing and healthy. You know why? Because when you sleep your body boosts the blood to your skin and repairs it as well.

#2 Wear SPF

Wearing SPF is like wearing cloth as sunscreen protects the skin from harmful radiations of sun. It will not lead to blemishes, pigmentation later.

#3 Hydrate your skin

Hydration means to drink enough water and apply moisturizer to your face. Water hydrates the skin from inside and outside and moisturizer also does the same.

#4 Facial steam

Facial steam opens the pores and helps to clean out the dirt. Boil water in a pan and take direct steam. It brightens your skin and helps to reduce dullness.

Bottom line

These Skin Brightening tips helps improve skin by reducing blemishes, acne scars and pigmentation. Natural skincare products and home remedies help impart a glowing skin. However, Don’t follow the natural DIYs blindly. Understand your skin type and skin concern. Always do a patch test before trying any beauty tips. Hope these tips might be helpful in achieving radiant and spotless skin.

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