Skin Pampering using Wild Organic Home | #MadeInIndia products

I love discovering natural products. Especially during my pregnancy time, I kept using those products which were totally safe for my skin as well as for my babies. During the third trimester of my pregnancy I started to get those #NotSoPleasing stretch marks which tend to bother me. I searched for several solutions online – Most of the products suggested by experts either had mineral oil as an ingredient or weren’t suitable to be used during pregnancy time. That’s when I discovered this Indian house hold brand – Wild Organic Home.

Wild Organic Home products are nothing fancy – Simple packaging using some of the powerful Indian Ayurvedic Ingredients. Now, that’s amazing right. I remember bathing using turmeric and milk ubtan during my childhood days. Those times were truly magical and a whole lot of fun with grandma grinding and making raw turmeric paste or dried turmeric powder and mixing it with several ingredients to make ubtans and medicinal pastes that worked wonders on the body. These days, anything and everything that claims to be natural is not so. They come with no ingredient list or partial list that can’t be trusted at all. I discovered Wild Organic Home at a time when I had totally gave up on ‘natural’ claiming products. But, Somehow the minimal ingredient list and great reviews made me wanted to try them. It was during that time the lovely Founder, Evangelist contacted me to gift me few products from her product range.

As I mentioned these products in the post are #gifted to me. But, my opinion is strongly my own experience of using the products. Before I start my review, Let me also remind you that natural ingredients – might not suit everyone. some of you might be allergic to certain ingredients. So, it’s always good to patch test and wait for 24 hours to see how your skin reacts to the product.

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I got sent four products from their range

  • Curcumin + Sesame Skin Lightening Oil
  • Rosemary & Lavender Lipbalm & Lipscrub
  • Coffee Beans & Vanilla Beans Face Pack

Handmade Skincare, Bath and Body Treats From Pure Bubbles Soapery

Do you have a sensitive skin like me ? Are you someone who is obsessed about skincare and love reading a lot about skincare ingredients ? I discovered this brand ‘pure suds’ in 2015; if you are a regular reader of my blog, you might have read the review from ‘pure suds‘ already on blog. Now, ‘pure suds’ got rebranded to ‘Pure Bubbles Soapery’. All thanks to @bhavana_ranka , Founder of @pure_bubbles_soapery for sending me a set of skincare products that suits my skin type.

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None of these products contain any harsh chemicals like parabens, SLS, formaldehyde or phthalates which are considered to be one of the most toxic and most used ingredients in conventional cosmetic products. All of these #handmade bath and body treats are made in small batches using pure, eco friendly & bio degradable ingredients. Creation in small batches ensure the quality and freshness.


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Blend It Raw Apothecary Products – #PureAndNatural

There are a number of beauty subscription boxes in the market. While I am not a fan of regular beauty subscription boxes. This one really caught my attention. Especially, the concept of a DIY beauty box that deliver organic, pure & natural skin and hair care ingredients from all across the world every month to aid you in the making of your own face mask or hair pack/mask. I got sent this box a month ago and today I am sharing my experience of using each of the items that I received.

What is Blend It Raw DIY Beauty Box

Each month’s box will contain 5-6 easy to blend skin, hair, bath and body recipes along with certified organic ingredients (4-6) needed to make them. Most of the ingredients(herbs, oils , butters and hydrosols) offered in the box can also be used individually on your skin and hair, or can be blended to make personalized productsblend it raw beauty box review, diy beauty subscription box, natural skincare subscription box.

The subscription boxes come with free shipping. Boxes will be shipped out on 15th of every month.


INR 1199 for 1 month
INR 3300 for 3 months (Discount of INR 99 per box)



The Herb Farm – Handcrafted From Nature

In today’s post I am introducing a new skincare brand to all of you. The Herb Farm Skincare Range. The herb farm range of skincare is made in New Zealand. The products are created using active herbal extracts from ingredients that are plant derived and have undergone minimal processing. The herb farm range uses only 100% natural ingredients. These ingredients, due to their botanical nature, have a high natural activity and this resonates well within the body. All the colours used in the products are natural colours which are made by nature.

In this post, I am talking about products that are designed specifically to hydrate and restore normal (including sensitive) skin. Thanks to herb farm for sending me this wonderful bag of goodies.