Autoerotique is an Extra Dimension Blush which MAC describes as a liquid-powder blush with prismatic reflections and the impact ranges from sheer crystallized light to a highly polished metallic effect.Autoerotique is one of three Extra Dimension Blushes in the Magnetic Nudes collection and is described as a dirty coral rose. It has a satin finish…I purchased it for about 25 $.






Autoerotique is a warm red-orange-pink. It’s got just enough pigmentation and sparkle and is very wearable on most skintones. .You need a light hand to apply it, partly because of the shade, mainly because of the pigmentation. start working with little and then you can build up the color as you desire…The texture is very soft and it’s easy to work with. The shimmer effect is very, very pretty. It applies slightly more red on my skin than it appears in the pan. Here is a swatch taken under natural day light with flash. I didn’t like this shade much as it appears to be a little shimmery and so I sold mine during one of the blog sale.



What’s your favorite blush from MAC?