zoeva black box review and swatches

Zoeva Black Box

Zoeva Black Box is an exclusive collection of 4 black eyeliners. This ‘All black everything’ box contains highly pigmented, long-lasting shades of black for that mesmerizing statement eyes.

ZOEVA Black Box – 24.00 EUR

zoeva black box review

Price – 24.00 EUR

zoeva black box review and swatches

What does it contain

Papercard Box including 4 eyeliner pens

Calli Graphic Liquid EyelinerBlack
Cat Eye PenBlackest Black
Graphic Eyes+Black to Earth
Soft Kohl EyelinerNoir

zoeva black box review

Black is the unknown. Black is elegance. Black is a true classic. Enter a new dimension of the blackest black and indulge in an air of mystery with our ZOEVA Black Box, unraveling a quartet of four amazingly pigmented eyeliners in one iconic shade.

The ZOEVA Black Box products are free of parabens and formaldehyde. zoeva black box review


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